7 Signs You Have Really Bad "Baby Fever"

Signs You Have Bad Baby Fever via Babble.comIt is certainly no secret that before my husband and I actively started trying for baby #4, I was big time infected with baby fever & had to wait for him to feel ready — if he was going to be. Baby fever — not to be confused with the increase of body temperature in an infant — is a strong urge, desire, need to have a baby. It can be a want to be pregnant or adopt — wanting to grow your family. Some say that we have this biological clock that is in line with fertility and nature’s way of ensuring we procreate. I totally believe it because I have felt first hand for well over a year now this huge desire to have a baby in our life. I have been ‘infected’ with baby fever for over a year and it’s just getting strong and stronger now that I have the ‘all clear for baby making’ from both the husband and our doctor. Click through to read the 7 signs that show you have really bad “baby fever”:

  • Crying Doesn’t Bug You 1 of 7
    The neighbour has a kid who cries all.the.time. Normally, that would bother the fudge out of you, but with baby fever -- it just makes you ache to hold him.
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  • You Talk About It 2 of 7
    it's always on your mind and it is a frequent topic of conversation in your house. Not only the baby fever, but all things baby and raising kids.
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  • Always Stop at the Store 3 of 7
    So, you're out picking up some milk and eggs at the store in a hurry. You always make time to go and browse through the baby and kid clothes -- it's like you're drawn to it.
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  • Free Babysitting 4 of 7
    Someone needs a babysitter and you are the first to jump at the chance to hang out with a baby or toddler. Free of charge just to get your baby fix.
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  • That Feeling… 5 of 7
    There is a constant nagging feeling that someone is missing. If you have three kids like me, you always pull out 4 plates without thinking.
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  • You Want It More 6 of 7
    Normally, your husband is the one to 'start the fun' in bed. Now, it's all you -- all the time.
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  • You Pretend 7 of 7
    You're in bed thinking about babies and you just gently push out your stomach and pretend for a minute that there's a baby in there. Try and tell me you've never done it...
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