The 7 Stages of Seeing a Negative Pregnancy Test

7 Stages of a Negative Pregnancy Test When Trying to Conceive
I have no idea what’s going on this month.  I’m not sure whether I am pregnant or not. I am leaning far more on the not side, but it’s not over yet.

Over the past year of trying to conceive, I have taken many pregnancy tests. Each month my heart and body hope will all my might that it will come up positive; and early enough so I can get on the medication that I need to keep the pregnancy healthy.

Each month, I have negative tests stare me in the face and I began to notice a pattern. I have a feeling that I am not the only woman trying to conceive who has this same monthly pattern when they believe that they could be pregnant.

Have a look at the 7 stages of seeing a negative pregnancy test:

  • Hopeful 1 of 7
    You're sure this is going to be your month, it's about time. You get really excited that it's almost test day and you're sure it's going to be positive.
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  • Denial 2 of 7
    Well, the test looks negative, but maybe it's not. It must have been too early, or your urine was not concentrated enough and that spotting is probably just implantation, you think. You'll test again in a few days.
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  • Anger 3 of 7
    Yep, this is crap. You have to be pregnant, but your body is just being a big meanie. Everyone else around you is pregnant -- it's your turn!
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  • Bargaining 4 of 7
    You scour the internet looking for stories of a negative test who turned out to be pregnant. You look for information on how quickly hCG levels rise. You promise to give up caffeine, sugar and anything even almost bad if only you could be pregnant.
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  • Depression 5 of 7
    The reality is hitting that the negative test is really just that -- negative. You are upset that you got your hopes up, that you spent so much money on pregnancy tests and don't think you can keep doing this.
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  • Acceptance 6 of 7
    You realize that yes, this is your period and nothing else. That negative test was right and you're not pregnant.
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  • Repeat 7 of 7
    Your desire and need for a child keeps you going. Even though it gets harder and harder with every month that goes by, you repeat the cycle next month and hope for the best.
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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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