7 Awkward Things About a Postpartum Body

There are a lot of changes and interesting happenings going on when you get pregnant. The strange symptoms, the growing in places you didn’t expect and of course the whole giant moving belly thing. ¬†Strange things happen to the body again after the birth of the baby that is a whole new set of interesting and weird time.

If I had it my way, my post pregnancy body would be back to it’s pre-baby state within like hours. Oh a girl can dream right? That’s far from the truth for most women after they have their baby.

Click through for 7 common but awkward things that happen to a body in the postpartum period:

  • Saggy Larger Stomach 1 of 7
    Saggy Larger Stomach
    Especially noticeable right after birth, the uterus will typically shrink back to near normal size by 6-8 weeks after birth. There may be some sagging skin lingering as well.

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  • Stretch Marks 2 of 7
    Stretch Marks
    You might have noticed stretch marks appearing while you were pregnant or you might be surprised to see them after birth. Sometimes it's hard to see the ones on the underside of your belly. Stretch marks may also happen on the breasts and hips during pregnancy.

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  • Falling Out Hair 3 of 7
    Falling Out Hair
    Pregnancy hormones change your hair. Well, it changes how your hair falls out. So, when that baby is out - your hair will play catch up. For up to 6 months after birth you may notice more and more hair falling out - even clumps sometimes.

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  • Larger Breasts 4 of 7
    Larger Breasts
    Even if you are not breastfeeding, your breasts will become even bigger then they did when you were just pregnant. Engorgement due to your milk coming in can be awkward at first.

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  • Sweating 5 of 7
    Due to hormone changes and your body getting rid of excess fluid, you might find you are sweating ... a lot.

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  • Hemorrhoids 6 of 7
    These can also appear during the last few months of pregnancy, but labor (especially the pushing part) can exacerbate the situation making them even more uncomfortable.

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  • Dryness 7 of 7
    Especially noticeable if you are breastfeeding, vaginal dryness is one of those awkward symptoms of the postpartum period. Due to a change in hormones you may need a bit extra help in the lube department.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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