7 Things I Swore I Would Never Do While Pregnant (But Am Totally Doing Anyway)

I am a line in the sand kind of person. I make decisions, often totally arbitrarily, and then I stick by them, often for no good reason at all. I do not pretend to be rational, I’m just decisive about certain things. For example, I refuse to watch any shows containing the name Housewives in them. Ditto with Bachelor/Bachelorette. And then, I totally watch Glee every week. It’s clearly not an issue of me only liking quality television as much as just creating totally made up standards.

So that’s why it’s become somewhat troubling how many of these lines in the sand have been crossed during pregnancy. Some of these lines are relatively rational, some were from pure laziness, others were, well, for no reason. And they have all been quickly crossed and a part of my regular routine. I’m not sure what this baby is doing to me, it’s like I don’t even know myself anymore.

So without further ado, these are the 7 things I swore I would never do, but am totally doing while pregnant, besides posting totally unflattering pictures of myself to amuse strangers. Because obviously.

  • Wear shirts with bows 1 of 7
    Wear shirts with bows
    I'm just not a girly girl. I would happily wear t-shirts and yoga pants, without a bra, every day of my life if allowed. I mean, I'd wear the bra when I leave the house, but only then. I'm just not frilly. Pregnancy clothes are frilly, and I feel kinda girly in them. Maybe even in a good way. I currently own 2 shirts with bows, I'll be interested to see if that number continues to grow in the next 2.5 months.
  • Cry at commercials…or Facebook 2 of 7
    Cry at commercials...or Facebook
    I'm also not a crier. It's just not in my nature. And obviously hormones play a big role in this, but even when I'm feeling totally emotionally stable, I'm still prone to crying over totally unreasonable things. My aunt's cat died yesterday, a cat that tried to kill me in my sleep one night, and I totally cried reading about it on Facebook.
  • Drink juice 3 of 7
    Drink juice
    This one is a holdover from my childhood. We were not juice drinkers. My parents served water and milk and said if we wanted fruit we should eat a piece. And I am largely anti-juice for similar reasons. You can get the great taste with less sugar and more fiber from an apple than from apple juice. But for the last 2 months I've had a box of orange juice at lunch every day. I pretend it's for the calcium since I hate milk, but it's also because it's totally delicious.
  • Wear pants that go up to my armpits 4 of 7
    Wear pants that go up to my armpits
    I always planned to be on of those pregnant women who could wear their low rise jeans through pregnancy. I learned that at about 14 weeks, that was never gonna happen and it's been all downhill from there. Or uphill I guess, since today's pants totally hit my bra.
  • Read pregnancy message boards 5 of 7
    Read pregnancy message boards
    I am not opposed to online message boards, but they're just not for me. I struggle with a lot of the drama (side note: if your period is 2 weeks late and you're nauseous, go pee on a stick instead of posting to a bunch of strangers asking if they think you're pregnant.) and know that a lot of the time you learn about scary complications, so I thought I would avoid them. While I don't post, I'm totally addicted to reading. It's like a compulsion now.
  • Floss daily 6 of 7
    Floss daily
    Okay, so I never swore I wouldn't do this, but I never did it before. And then I learned that flossing is somehow correlated with fewer pre-term deliveries and that pregnancy can cause extra cavities, so, my flosser and I have gotten really cozy the past several months.
  • Bend the pregnancy food rules 7 of 7
    Bend the pregnancy food rules
    I am a rule follower. I listen to my doctor and I do what I am told. But I also had a hot dog for dinner tonight. And while it probably was cooked to the proper internal temperature or whatever the specific rule is, I didn't check. And it was delicious.

What lines in the sand have you crossed during pregnancy?

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