7 Things I Wish I Was Taught in Childbirth Prep Class

When I do get pregnant and go through the 9-10 months of pregnancy, I will not be as nervous as before as the induction date approaches. I have been through full-term labor 3 times already and have gone though 2 early inductions, and while I know there are some surprises that may pop up as every labor and birth is different, I already feel prepared.

That readiness has all come with experience, though. I understand the process, I understand how my body reacts and have developed some great-for-me coping methods. All that was not the case when I was pregnant with my first child and went into labor. I thought I was prepared — I read a lot, we did our childbirth preparations class, I asked questions, had them answered and felt good going into it.

There were some things that turned out I was not prepared for — even with all the preparing I did. I wasn’t caught off guard by anything too serious, but dang, it would have been nice to know beforehand.

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  • Epidural = Itchy 1 of 7
    Epidural = Itchy
    There may be some of you who were told this in class, but I wasn't. During my first birth when I had an epidural placed when the labor needed to be to augmented -- I started scratching my arms off. It was so itchy.
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  • After Birth Pain = BAD 2 of 7
    After Birth Pain = BAD
    It was sort of mentioned in class and while it wasn't that bad after my first child -- after my third it felt worse than actual labor.
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  • After Birth Stomach = Squishy 3 of 7
    After Birth Stomach = Squishy
    I was told that you would still need maternity clothes but no one said my stomach would feel like a water bed.
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  • Nurses = Don’t Know Everything 4 of 7
    Nurses = Don't Know Everything
    This is something people should know about nurses AND doctors. I got some terrible advice from my labor nurse the first round.
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  • Bonding = Not Always Right Away 5 of 7
    Bonding = Not Always Right Away
    I was told that you would feel this incredible sense of love and bond right away. While it didn't take me that long -- it certainly didn't happen right away. We need to know that is okay too.
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  • After Birth = Sweaty 6 of 7
    After Birth = Sweaty
    I was a sweaty mess and it wasn't from the exertion of labor -- it was the hormones leaving my body. I wish I was warned!
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  • Baby Out = Phantom Kicks 7 of 7
    Baby Out = Phantom Kicks
    Dude, the first time it happens, it freaked me out! I was all "ah, is there another one?!" I wish I was told that I may equate every gas bubble as a kick since I had gotten so used to it.
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