7 Things I'll Miss About Pregnancy

You guys. It’s April. I just had the realization the other day that despite my due date being May 5th, there is a relatively huge chance that this baby will make his appearance in April. IT’S APRIL. I have not yet figured out how to process this information.

It’s often easier to think of all the negatives of pregnancy, especially, I think, of late pregnancy. Sleep is lousy, just about everything hurts and the ability to be in denial about the fact that you have to push a melon or pumpkin sized creature out of your nethers is being terribly threatened. But the reality is that there are just so many lovely parts of pregnancy that I know that myself and others tend to overlook.

And with April making it’s appearance and my pregnancy tenure rapidly winding down, I’m beginning to realize there are some things I am desperately going to miss. These are my 7 favorite things about pregnancy that I’m going to miss when it ends.

  • The Baby Kicks 1 of 7
    The Baby Kicks
    I read recently someone saying that this was one of their least favorite parts about pregnancy and I just could not understand. I find baby kicks, even the ones that take my breath away and have me fully convinced that my ribs are no longer in place, completely magical. That's my child. That's my personal connection to this baby. And yes, other people can feel it from the outside, and yes, the whole world can see him stick his legs and butt out now, but only I know what it really feels like when he moves. Only I can feel the little stretches and flutters. I am truly sad that soon I won't have this private relationship, that I won't be the only who knows that music makes him go crazy (especially the Glee soundtrack, I know I know) or that he gets hiccups constantly. I'm going to desperately miss our private dance parties, even the ones at 3am.
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  • Maternity Clothes 2 of 7
    Maternity Clothes
    Pants with elastic waists. Pants without buttons. Dresses without zippers. It's like my dream wardrobe. And while I imagine I'll be living in some of my maternity pants and shirts for a while after the baby makes his appearance, I also know that I'm going to be horribly sad the day I have to button and zip my jeans again. I may stay in my Gap maternity jeans for the rest of my life.
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  • No Cat Litter Duty 3 of 7
    No Cat Litter Duty
    I've had cats all my life, so it's pretty likely that I have already been exposed to the bacteria pregnant women are supposed to avoid when it comes to cat litter, but in the interest of being safe and lazy, my husband has been in charge of the cat litter for the last 8 months. I'm currently trying to find to evidence to suggest that the cat litter avoidance must be continued during breastfeeding too because dang, I do not miss that job.
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  • Excuses to Nap 4 of 7
    Excuses to Nap
    I am typically not a napper, which is funny because I married the world's greatest napper. But with the fatigue has come a renewed interest in sleeping during the day and now I never ever have to justify it. You question my nap? I point at my belly. Winner. Every single time.
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  • The Compliments 5 of 7
    The Compliments
    I'm probably not supposed to admit this aloud, but the compliments are pretty great. When you're not pregnant, it's rare that people comment on your appearance, but once you're pregnant you're "so cute" and you "look so great" and even people you don't know stop to ooh and ah at you. I am more than happy to be told that I look adorable and will definitely miss that once I'm no longer pregnant and am instead just awkwardly bloated.
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  • The Cravings 6 of 7
    The Cravings
    The thing about pregnancy is, when you find the one food you desperately want, it is the most delicious thing you've ever eaten. I mean, yes, that's just macaroni and cheese from the box, but it is the greatest macaroni and cheese of all time. The cheesecake I had last month was probably the greatest thing I've ever eaten, even though it was the same recipe, same restaurant I've eaten it at 20 times before. The cereal that I'm eating right now? Epic. I'm hoping that food continues to be this amazing once the baby is here.
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  • Sleep 7 of 7
    I'm not getting the greatest sleep of my life right now, not by a long shot, but no one has spared me the reminder that in a few short weeks, 3rd trimester sleep is going to look like heaven. So until then I'm going to treasure every hour I get, even if punctuated by peeing and the 12 step process that is rolling over.
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What did you miss most from pregnancy?

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