7 Things I’m Doing With Just 7 Weeks Left

At this point in my pregnancy, I have gone from frantically counting UP the weeks to reach various milestones, to excitedly counting DOWN the weeks until this baby is actually in my arms.

While I know that life will change drastically with a child, and certainly an infant, my husband and I are also both really hopeful that we will also still be able to enjoy our favorite things – only now with a little one in tow.

But even so, with just a little over seven weeks to go until his arrival, I’m trying to really take in these last few weeks before life changes forever.  The changes will most definitely be for the good, but they are still changes, and sometimes it can be overwhelming to think that these are our last weeks of “just you and me.”

As we prepare and get ready, here are seven things I’m doing with (hopefully!) just seven weeks of pregnancy left to go…

  • Sleep as much as possible 1 of 7
    From what I understand, sleep will be at a premium once our baby arrives. I have never been big on naps before, and I'm trying to set aside the guilt and relish the chance to nap now while I still can!
  • Cherish moments with my husband 2 of 7
    I know that we will have many more moments with our family of three, and that they will be an entirely new kind of wonderful. But I keep finding myself thinking "we won't be able to do this anymore!" during the littlest of things like working out together or just enjoying a quiet evening talking.
  • Cook a lot of delicious food 3 of 7
    I have no plans to quit cooking once the baby arrives, but I'm also realistic and know that I probably won't be tying on my apron too often right after the baby comes. In the next 7 weeks, I'm hoping to really dig in and cook some awesome stuff!
  • Explore our new city 4 of 7
    We have been in Seattle for three months now and there is still so much I want to see and do! Again, I know we can do all of those things when the baby comes too, but it won't be quite as carefree or spontaneous down the road. Next on my list - whale watching and blueberry picking!
  • Give extra snuggles to my dogs 5 of 7
    These boys have no idea how much life is about to change. They have ruled our house for many years, but with a new guy on the way they will soon find out that they are no longer in charge! Of course I will still snuggle them with the baby comes, but I'm trying to give as much extra love as I can right now.
  • Read and relax – take advantage of free time! 6 of 7
    From what I hear, free time will not be back for quite a while once a newborn enters our household. So I'm reading lots of books, taking lots of relaxing long walks, and enjoying down time now before things get wild.
  • Prepare my house! 7 of 7
    The nesting urges are in full swing, and I'm doing my best to clean and organize every nook and cranny before the baby's arrival. I know he won't care if my floors are vacuumed or not, but I will!

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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