7 No Nos During a High-Risk Pregnancy

Every so often, I’ll think of something I really want to do and it takes a minute to remember that I can’t. Being pregnant and all. My pregnancy is high risk and with two complicated past pregnancies, this means that my doctor was quick to list all the things banned during pregnancy for me.

I don’t think there’s a whole lot of stuff that I’ve curbed this time. I drink coffee in moderation, I’ve had Subway sandwiches with deli meat. You know, the really dangerous, living on the edge stuff. ūüėČ These forbidden things aren’t a big deal, yet as time passes I tend to miss them a little more.

In all honesty, I’d rather be pregnant a thousand times over than be focused on what I can’t do because of it, but that doesn’t mean it never crosses my mind. In less then 12 weeks I’ll have a bit more freedom with some decisions, and although nursing might still prolong a few on the list, others I’m looking forward to.

Here’s a few of the banned items on my list:


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    Click through to see some unusual things I've had banned this high risk pregnancy. 

  • Sex 2 of 8

    Yep. None. 20 weeks and counting. This goes along with the whole "no risk for infection" thing.

    I think with all that's gone on up there though, Sam's mostly ok with this right now. 

    Sorry family. TMI. Move along to the next slide. 

  • Yoga/Exercise 3 of 8

    I miss yoga. Heck, I miss exercise. Those are words I never thought I'd hear. But between my hip pain this pregnancy and being on pelvic rest, I haven't gotten to do really anything at all.

    Want proof? I'll show you the pictures of a dent in my couch cushions. 

  • Swimming 4 of 8

    No swimming because of pelvic rest. (This seems to be a theme.) I haven't ever been a huge pool/water person, but in third trimester living in El Paso where next week reaches 105* every day? I would kill to be in a pool. 

  • Bathing 5 of 8

    We have a gigantic, spa garden tub in our bathroom that I can't get in to soak my aching muscles. Want to know why?

    Wait for it...

    Pelvic rest. 

    I know that I'm an extreme case, but what my doctor wants to avoid is any kind of chance for an infection that could cause my water to break or preterm labor. I'm happy to follow all the rules, however that doesn't mean that I don't stare longingly at our huge tub. 

  • Getting a tattoo 6 of 8

    Obviously pregnant women aren't running out to get tattoos, but I have actually had to remind myself of this several times. I currently have my twin boy's footprints on my wrists, I wanted to get their names/initials for the one year anniversary of their birth/death, but at 24 weeks pregnant it wasn't a great idea.

  • Stomach sleeping 7 of 8

    I will never, ever again sleep on my left side after this pregnancy. I adore stomach sleeping, and I held off as long as I could this time around. I keep thinking that someone should make a massive, full body pillow that has a hole in the middle for a pregnant stomach. 

    I realize most of us can't physically do this anyway, but when it's taken away because of extra pressure‚ÄĒwell it just makes it that much more tempting.¬†

  • Eat sushi 8 of 8

    I know, I know. I could probably have sushi and I have girlfriends who have eaten it during their own pregnancies. I mean, I drink coffee. However, I don't live somewhere close to the ocean, and it's one of those "it's not a big risk until it is" things that I can't get out of my head. I don't think I could ever justify getting sick just because I wanted raw fish. 

    However, give me all the Nemo's on a plate once this kid is out. 

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