7 Things Never to Say to a Laboring Woman

When she's in careful what you say!

When a woman is in labor, she’s not exactly in a…rational…frame of mind.  It’s a huge time in her life, and all her focus (at least in active labor) is on what’s happening in her body.

Which is why, no matter how awesome and reasonable she usually is, she may not be much in the mood for jokes or other commentary at this time.  These are 7 things you should never say to a laboring woman:

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    Umm, she's not even done having this one yet! Don't ask her about another baby. She's likely to smack you or possibly scream 'Never!'
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    "It can't hurt that much!"
    Ooh, don't say it. Unless you've done it, you don't know what it feels like. Even if you have (which leads me to believe you'd know better than to say this), your experience and her experience may be different!

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    Seriously? Like it or not, baby is coming now, so she'd better be ready! And if she's worried about this, asking her now is not going to help matters.

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    No, she doesn't. Even if she actually does, that's not really the first thing on her mind right now. Don't ask her to remember the camera, your extra clothes, or anything else while she is in labor!

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    Sometimes women need to vocalize in labor, which can be anything from rare low moans to screaming expletives. This is one time when you definitely don't get to tell her to calm down! If you must, step out of the room for a few minutes.

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    She may be completely focused internally because that's what she needs to do...but that doesn't mean the experience is easy for her! And again, unless you've done it yourself, you don't get it.

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    She'd love to know as much as anyone else, but labor doesn't work that way! It's very unpredictable. A woman can be stalled for hours...then go from 4 to 10 in an hour (like I did). Or she can make steady progress for awhile then stall. Or...any number of different scenarios! There's really no way to predict when it will be over until it's basically over already. Reminding her or badgering her is not smart!

    What things have you heard that shouldn't have been said?

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