7 Things That Are More Fun When You’re Pregnant

Things That Are More Fun When You're PregnantPregnancy itself is fun, but some things in life are just more fun to do when you are pregnant.

I am still waiting for my body to get the clue that I would like to be (and stay) pregnant again, but in the meantime I am reminiscing over my previous pregnant days. I love being pregnant even through the terrible and annoying symptoms that seem to plague me, I love it all.

As I enter the seventh month of “operation put baby in uterus,” I am realizing how certain mundane things in our everyday lives are just so much fun to do when pregnant. I have my fingers crossed for myself and all you who are hoping to be pregnant soon!

Click through to read 7 things that are more fun when you’re pregnant:

  • Sexy Time 1 of 7
    Sexy Time
    If you've been trying to conceive, and when you're finally pregnant, having fun with your partner can be more fun. Chore sex, as I call it, is not that fun. Also, when your belly starts to grow, you will have to be creative in your positions and that's always surprisingly fun!
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  • Doctor Appointments 2 of 7
    Doctor Appointments
    Usually we only see the doctor or care providers when we're sick. When you're pregnant, it's not a given that you are suffering from a head cold or an ongoing ailment that takes you to the office, but your growing babe.
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  • Gaining Weight 3 of 7
    Gaining Weight
    No one really likes to gain weight, but when you're pregnant it becomes more fun. It's about your baby growing not you.
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  • Afternoon Naps 4 of 7
    Afternoon Naps
    We all love a good afternoon nap, but it hits an all-new level of awesome when you're pregnant. The opportunity does not frequently arise, but pregnant ladies need their sleep -- and that's always a good thing.
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  • Shopping 5 of 7
    Not only are you getting to buy new things for your growing body, but you have a baby to shop for now.
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  • Dreaming 6 of 7
    Not just daydreaming, which is so fun when you're pregnant, but also real dreaming. There are some people (::cough::) who have really vivid dreams when pregnant that adds more fun and spice to dreamland.
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  • Eating 7 of 7
    Eating is always fun, but so much more so when pregnant. You have less guilt about eating and you get to be more creative in finding fun or weird combinations.
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