7 Things that are Nearly Impossible to do in Late Pregnancy

I’m not sure when I noticed the severe decline in my agility. I guess it was probably subtle at first, I had a little trouble doing more complex activity, I got a little more winded when I went up my stairs to go to bed. I started to have some trouble getting up off the floor without grunting or pulling on something. And before I knew it, I couldn’t see my feet, which made just about everything more complicated.

In the past few weeks, I have encountered more and more things that I simply cannot do. I have to rely on my husband and others for pretty basic things, which as a person who hates help is obviously pretty much my favorite thing ever.

And when I’m home or out alone, I’m just up a creek without a paddle or prayer. With only 3 weeks and a few days to go, I can only imagine what challenges still lay ahead.

But for now, these are 7 things that are nearly impossible for me to do in late pregnancy.

  • Trim my Toenails 1 of 7
    Trim my Toenails
    Not only has pregnancy made my fingernails and toenails stronger and faster growing than ever, it has also made my toenails so impossibly far from my hands that they cannot be reached. And since my husband finds fingernails and toenails completely gross (not that I'm a fan of other people's nails or anything), I had to trim them myself. Let's just say that if you were thinking about trimming them by laying on your back with your feet up in the air, you really should consider another method. Unless you like toenails falling in YOUR FACE.
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  • Pee in a Cup 2 of 7
    Pee in a Cup
    This one has gradually gotten more complicated, but at Sunday's labor and delivery trip, I discovered that it is now physically impossible. And because I still have a shred of my dignity left (at least until the day I go into labor), I did not seek help. Instead, I just peed all over my hand while waving a cup around wildly. Next time I'm just going to have them rub the dip stick thing all over my hand instead of putting it in the cup. There is surely more urine there.
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  • Tie Shoes 3 of 7
    Tie Shoes
    This one has gone the same way as the toenails. Unfortunately shoe tying isn't an activity where you can do a little, breathe, come back and do a little more. You have to keep holding on. After almost passing out trying to tie my tennis shoes, I'm now officially in flip flops and slip ons only.
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  • Pick Up Things off the Floor of the Car 4 of 7
    Pick Up Things off the Floor of the Car
    I am not sure why I'm so entirely incapable of not dropping things, but well, it's the truth. And yesterday I nearly killed myself and half of southern California trying to retrieve the lid to my water while driving. Needless to say, the cap is still on the floor and it will live there for a while.
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  • Eating 5 of 7
    Okay, so this one is maybe a little abstract, but the first problem is that I can't get close enough to my food to easily eat it unless I rest the plate on my belly, which most restaurants seem to frown upon (weird, right?). And then there's the spillage situation where I pretty much never walk away from a meal without some food on the apex of my belly, often that I don't notice until I stand up to leave and everyone laughs.
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  • Shaving my Legs 6 of 7
    Shaving my Legs
    I am very fortunate in that my pregnancy will be over before it gets blisteringly hot, but this weekend I wanted to wear some shorts to manage the 80+ degree weather, and what I could see of my legs was a disaster. And so I attempted to shave them. I'd say that approximately 12% of my legs are now hair free and that it's not going to get better than that until after the baby comes. If you see me in shorts or a skirt, just keep your eyes above knee level, okay?
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  • Sit Down Gracefully 7 of 7
    Sit Down Gracefully
    My husband and I joke that I don't really sit anymore, I flop. I can only lower myself like 50% of the way down slowly before I just crash. And to add insult in injury my joints pop the whole time like I'm 85 years old. I'm pretty sure one of these days I'm going to break my toilet with my constant crash landings.
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What things were/are difficult for you in late pregnancy?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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