7 Things to Do In My Last 7 Weeks of Pregnancy

Today, I’m officially 33 weeks pregnant. Woo hoo! I’m in the homestretch, baby.

Of course, that means that the clock is officially tickin’. I need to get my booty in gear and get things DONE before baby makes his or her grand appearance. Here’s a list of seven things I hope (and need) to accomplish prior to the arrival of our little one. 

  • Study, study, study! 1 of 7
    Study, study, study!
    First and foremost: I need to make sure I'm up to date on all my Bradley Method reading. I'm aiming for a natural childbirth and firmly believe that the Bradley Method can work for me - 90% of Bradley mommas have all-natural births. I just need to my homework!
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  • Finish the nursery 2 of 7
    Finish the nursery
    As of right now, we've got a crib (whoo hoo!) and a half-assembled glider. I'd love to wrap up the nursery sooner rather than later. One of my biggest tasks: figure out storage and organization.
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  • Keep baby alive 3 of 7
    Keep baby alive
    We're taking an infant care class soon, and I'm really looking forward to learning the basics about bathing, changing diapers, and generally keeping baby alive. We're also taking an Infant CPR course.
  • Find a pediatrician 4 of 7
    Find a pediatrician
    I have a list of pediatricians who are 'in line' with our thoughts about children and medicine, but I still need to finalize our choice. Actually, I may leave this task up to my husband since he works in the medical field. I find talking to doctors to be extremely daunting!
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  • Bake casseroles. Lots of casseroles. 5 of 7
    Bake casseroles. Lots of casseroles.
    One of my goals for the next 7 weeks is to prebake a lot of 'freezer meals' so we have food to eat when the baby arrives. I'd love to do some lasagnas and enchiladas, as well as homemade veggie burgers. Food we can just remove from the freezer, heat up, and eat!
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  • Print photographs 6 of 7
    Print photographs
    This has been on my general life To Do list for ages - I need to print out a ton (like, hundreds) of photos and put them in albums. I have a feeling that I'll never find time for this if I don't do it before the baby arrives.
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  • Relax! 7 of 7
    I would LOVE to get a prenatal massage before the baby comes. Word on the street is that my mother is giving me a gift certificate for my upcoming birthday. I will RUN to that massage table as fast my pregnancy legs can carry me!
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