7 Tips That Will Help You Stay Comfortable Post-Delivery

I’ll be there first to admit that I’m not an expert, but after having gone through two deliveries (both vaginal) I’ve come away a few good things to remember for those first couple of days in the hospital. Some of these were tips by amazing friends that were passed down to me and thankfully I took their advice. While others are just things I’ve taken from my own experiences. All of them I will be taking advantage of this time around and please tell me if I’ve forgotten any (you know pregnancy brain) or if you’ve got some of your own. Read my tips for that first day in the hospital after the jump…

  • Stay in the hospital for as long as you can 1 of 7
    Stay in the hospital for as long as you can
    I never understood why some people leave the same day they give birth. That's not me, at all. I want to stay as long as they will let me...and my insurance allows. That way I am taken care of, my meals are taken care of and I'm not stuck at home doing my own (bloody) laundry and eating something from the freezer. Take advantage while you can.
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  • Keep baby in the nursery overnight 2 of 7
    Keep baby in the nursery overnight
    If you are a first-time parent this may totally freak you out, but after that first night with the baby you will wish you had listened. Hospitals at night are like ghost towns dark, quiet and empty. You will most likely find yourself exhausted and scared about caring for this super tiny and frail person. The frail person may scream and cry and have difficulty latching on and you may have difficulty getting a nurse. Just do yourself the favor of taking a break for those first couple of nights, the baby will be very well-taken care of and you will get some much needed rest. I take it one step further and tell them to offer the bottle and not wake me for feedings in the middle of the night. I know my milk will come in and my baby will be fine having formula.
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  • Put a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on your door 3 of 7
    Put a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on your door
    The hospital I gave birth in is a teaching hospital and also one of the busiest maternity wards in the U.S. This means that I found people coming and going at all hours, well mostly daytime hours, but still. I did not want the first photo session or all the other crap they offer. I already have about a million pics of my brand new baby and I'd rather just have sleep and peace. That's where the sign comes in handy. It's a ‘please leave me alone unless you need to check my vitals or I'm calling you for help' kind of sign.
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  • Bring The Nurses A Snack 4 of 7
    Bring The Nurses A Snack
    Seriously. I usually have a friend on-call to put together a basket of goodies for the nurse's station and make sure they know where it came from. I like to include healthy stuff as well as some treats, but feel free to come up with your own ideas. Whatever it is the nurses will appreciate it since they are working long hours and you just might get a little extra attention for your thoughtfulness.
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  • Call for a nurse every time you need to use the toilet 5 of 7
    Call for a nurse every time you need to use the toilet
    While you are at it, and if you had a vaginal delivery, ask for an ice pack. I keep my lady bits frozen for two days straight. It's really helpful, especially that first day, to have a professional there to guide you to the bathroom and help you through the squirt down process. Don't forget the Dermaplast (numbing spray)!
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  • Take Your Stool Softener 6 of 7
    Take Your Stool Softener
    Speaking of toilet, you are going to have a bowel movement at some point. I highly recommend taking the stool softener the nurse will offer you. It will help for a smooth exit.
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  • Have someone bring you something delicious to eat after delivery 7 of 7
    Have someone bring you something delicious to eat after delivery
    The hospital where I deliver has tons of restaurants nearby that bring food to you or you can have someone pick something up. Chances are you will be famished after a long (or even short) labor with no food and more exercise than you've gotten in 10 months. With my first, I had a club sandwich and ate the entire thing!
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