7 Top Mommymoon Ideas

Top Mommymoon Ideas

By now, you’ve likely heard of the Babymoon. They’re great and all, and just about every celebrity under the Western sun is taking one.

But the newest and hottest pregnancy trend is a Mommymoon! That’s right ladies: time just for you. Leave the hubby, boyfriend, partner, and any kids you’ve already got home and pamper yourself for a change especially if this is your first baby on the way because pretty soon, you’re never going to be alone again.

  • Spa Day 1 of 7
    Spa Day
    Pregnancy brings with it its own unique aches and pains, which is why many expectant moms enjoy prenatal massage. You can revel in a solo day at the spa, or you can make it an event with friends or other expectant moms. Just be sure to book pregnancy-specific services.
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  • Girls Getaway 2 of 7
    Girls Getaway
    You might already have a kid or two, or this baby on board might be your first, but either way, you are soon to be surrounded by all things baby. Diapers, crying, sleepless nights, noisy toys, and a little person following you everywhere. Take advantage of your pre-baby time with some time with the girls.
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  • Yoga Retreat 3 of 7
    Yoga Retreat
    Pregnancy can be a stressful time. Maybe it's your first and you're nervous about all the impending life changes. Maybe it's your not-first and you're anxious about adding another person to your clan. Maybe you're scared of childbirth. Why not de-stress and recharge yourself with positive energy at a prenatal yoga retreat? You'll come back breathing a little easier and you're sure to learn some tips on how to keep your stress down when things get tough.
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  • Solo Weekend at a B&B 4 of 7
    Solo Weekend at a B&B
    After this baby is born, you are never going to be alone again. No, really. Any mom will tell you that she can't even use the bathroom in peace. Even if you're not the "alone time" type, you should consider a solo weekend away at a Bed & Breakfast. Enjoy the bed all to yourself. Wake up to a cooked breakfast. And lounge around doing absolutely nothing all day. You'll never get the chance again.
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  • Shopping Trip 5 of 7
    Shopping Trip
    Sure, later in pregnancy your back hurts, your feet are sore, and you have to pee every 20 minutes. But seize the glory and comfort of the second trimester and take yourself on a shopping trip and leave the guilt at home. Shortly, every penny you earn will goes toward your Little One and your wants will be so far on the back burner that you won't even be able to see them. So take whatever amount of money works for your budget and treat yourself to some "you" purchases.
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  • Pottery Class 6 of 7
    Pottery Class
    There's something very therapeutic about getting your hands in clay, and since you're soon going to be wrist deep in poop, pottery classes are something you should enjoy now. Imagine getting away for an hour or two a couple times a week to create something you can proudly display on the childproof shelf, that is.
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  • Pre-Baby Makeover 7 of 7
    Pre-Baby Makeover
    Lots of women wait until the baby is born to redo their hairstyle, but it will be months before you're going to be able to get to the salon and your hair is going to get tossed up in some mess of a hairstyle until then. If you're already thinking about chopping it off, there's no better time than before the contractions start.
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