7 Unusual Ways To Get Pregnant Faster

You probably know all the usual suspects when it comes to giving fertility a boost. But what about these offbeat and unusual fertility aids? From cracking an egg to packing your bags for Italy, here’s a look at some strange, weird, and wonderful ways that may just work to get you pregnant faster.

Munch Some Raspberries! 1 of 7
According to a recent study from the US Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, men over 44 with the highest intake of Vitamin C in their diets had 20 percent less damage to their sperm DNA than men who didn't eat many C-rich foods. For women, it's thought that after conception, getting adequate amounts of antioxidants, such as vitamin C, can decrease the risk of miscarriage. What do raspberries have to do with it? A one cup serving of the snackable fruit contains 54 percent of your daily dose of vitamin C, meaning it's packed with fertility-friendly antioxidants!
Have Fun in the Sun! 2 of 7
Known as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D is important for balancing sex hormones in women and improving sperm count in men, say researchers. When's the last time you soaked up the sun? Just 20 minutes in direct sunlight may be enough to stimulate skin to manufacture the vitamin. Of course, too much time in the sun can be a danger for skin, so for a vitamin D boost without the risk, try a supplement (a full day's worth of D can be found in most prenatal vitamins) or check out this list of vitamin D-rich foods.
Toss Your Panties (And Then Go Find Them)! 3 of 7
Do like the Yansi people of Africa's Congo region and toss your underwear onto the roof of your house right after the full moon (when the moon is waning). We can't really explain how this works, but to become pregnant, all you need to do is retrieve your underpants under the new moon. Easy, right?
Visit Italy! 4 of 7
In Naples, Italy, couples taking a more spiritual approach to getting pregnant regularly flock to the shrine of Saint Mary Frances to sit in her "fertility chair" and pray for a special blessing over their conception efforts. Does it work? Anecdotal evidence comes in the form of pink and blue baby announcements and letters posted all around the chair thanking the "saint of the family" -- who escaped a forced marriage and an oppressive father -- for performing a miracle.
Drink Grapefruit Juice! 5 of 7
It may be more of an old wives' tale then something proven by science, but some women swear by drinking grapefruit juice or eating grapefruit as the magic ingredient that helped them get their BFP. What's so special about this particular citrus fruit? Grapefruit's acidity is believed to help thin cervical mucus, making it that much easier for sperm to slip one across the goal.
Rearrange Your Furniture! 6 of 7
The traditional Chinese art of furniture arrangement known as feng shui may come in handy for couples trying to conceive. According to feng shui practitioners, creating a clean, open and welcoming environment in your home acts as a mirror for your body and rolls out the welcome mat for new chi, the life-creating energy force. Get the specifics on where to place certain furniture pieces for maximum help in our handy guide to feng shui for fertility.
Crack An Egg! 7 of 7
If you're having a lot of sex in your efforts to conceive, there may be times when you could use a little help in the lubrication department. Rather than reach for a commercial tube of lubricant, however, it may be better to crack an egg and use the egg white. The reason? Most common lubricants have the potential to slow down or damage sperm. Egg white? Its all-natural slickness won't stand in the way of little swimmers.
Article Posted 3 years Ago

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