7 Ways I Cope With Fertility Treatment Side Effects

7 Ways to Cope with Fertility Treatment Side EffectsI am on Cycle 2 of trying to get pregnant with the help of fertility medications. The first month was obviously not successful and so we’re on to month two with higher hopes.

When my husband and I were at the doctor going over plans and options, we were told that this medication (while commonly prescribed for couples having trouble conceiving) comes with some intense side effects.

I was on the fence about taking the medications, but I knew that there is a good reason to: I am not ovulating and that’s, well, important for this whole process. We moved forward hoping that I would not be one of the women who feels the side effects.

I was wrong. I had them the first cycle. The mood swings and headaches were the worst of the side effects. It wasn’t as terrible as I had anticipated, but we were also warned that the side effects seem to compound month after month and get more noticeable.

That has certainly come true for me; I am feeling a big difference already in the second cycle. My moods are all over the place and this is so out of my norm. I get nightly headaches and hot flashes are picking up intensity.

I know that things could be much worse and I find comfort when I hear the stories of other women who have taken this medication and share with me how they coped with the side effects. There are some ways that I have been dealing with them so far that help manage the side effects.

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  • Exercise 1 of 7
    It's amazing what some exercise can do for your mood. I admit it's harder for me to want to exercise, but once I do, I feel so much better! Even a walk in the cold air makes a big difference.
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  • We Laugh It Off 2 of 7
    We Laugh It Off
    My husband has been so wonderful and understanding. I am happy he was at the doctor's appointment and was told ahead of time of some of the side effects to watch for. We laugh about the moods and the hot flashes — it makes it easier to deal with.
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  • I Get Extra Rest 3 of 7
    I Get Extra Rest
    Fatigue is one of the side effects I am feeling, as well as the moodiness, so taking a nap or going to bed a bit earlier helps out a lot. Sleep is good for you, anyway. I have also started taking the pills in the evening which helps me sleep through some of the more intense effects.
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  • I Find a Focus 4 of 7
    I Find a Focus
    I am thankful for my kids and my work because when the symptoms get overwhelming I turn to my work or play with the kids. It takes my mind off the hot flash or the instant bad mood, and it passes soon enough.
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  • I Acknowledge It 5 of 7
    I Acknowledge It
    There are times when I am just grumpy. I acknowledge what I am feeling, sit with it for a bit and move on to another way to cope. It helps a lot to allow myself to feel the grump.
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  • I Remind Myself 6 of 7
    I Remind Myself
    When I am feeling particularly troubled by the side effects, I remind myself of the reasons. We want another child, this won't last forever and it's for a good reason.
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  • Chocolate 7 of 7
    So, it's probably not the most healthy way to cope, but it works. My side effects remind me a lot of PMS and chocolate always helps that, too.
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