7 Ways I Get the Most Out of Basal Body Charting

7 Ways to Get the Most Out of Basal Body ChartingBasal body charting has been invaluable to me since I started trying to conceive our 4th child. I used it when I was trying to conceive my other three children and have been doing it daily for nearly 7 years now.

In the past, it helped me pinpoint when my best fertile zones occurred. It helped me see an issue with progesterone and it’s shown me, before a pregnancy test would, that I was pregnant.

This time around, charting my early morning temperatures has given me more information. It gave me the signs that I needed to get help for infertility. It pinpointed that ovulating was not happening, and that stopped me from trying month after month with no chance of conceiving since you can’t get pregnant if you don’t release an egg!

It’s not as hard or difficult as it may seem to track your fertility signs using basal body charting, but there are ways that are the most efficient, so it can be a huge help in getting pregnant and expanding our family.

Check out 7 ways I get the most out of basal body charting:

  • I Keep My Thermometer Next to My Bed 1 of 7
    I Keep My Thermometer Next to My Bed
    I keep my thermometer next to my bed on my nightstand. This allows me to take my temperature without having to sit up or get up to take my temperature, which could alter the results.
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  • I Use a Good Thermometer & the Same One 2 of 7
    I Use a Good Thermometer & the Same One
    I use a good digital thermometer to take my temperature each morning and have been using the same one for the duration of trying to conceive. This keeps temperatures consistent since a slight variation could change the temperatures. I also make sure the batteries are in good working order.
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  • I Chart the Temperatures 3 of 7
    I Chart the Temperatures
    I find it easier to see what's going on when I put those temperatures in a graph (using This is easier for me to visualize what's going on than just the numbers on a page.
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  • I Take My Temperature at the Same Time 4 of 7
    I Take My Temperature at the Same Time
    I take my temperature every morning at 6:30am. This is before anyone typically gets up so I don't have to get up before taking my temp. Taking my temperature at the same time, consistently gives me a good read for the cycle.
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  • I Try to Get Enough Sleep 5 of 7
    I Try to Get Enough Sleep
    I have to get at the very least 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep before I notice it impacts my temperature. Of course I try to strive for at least 8, but with kids at home sometimes that's not possible.
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  • I Looked for Signs 6 of 7
    I Looked for Signs
    My charts tell me a lot about fertility and the temperature alone will tell me if I've ovulated, if an egg has implanted and if there's enough progesterone to keep a pregnancy viable. I kept a close eye on the dips and curves and was able to see there was a fertility issue.
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  • I Took My Charts to My Doctor 7 of 7
    I Took My Charts to My Doctor
    When I realized I wasn't ovulating thanks to the charting, I took all my months cycle charts to the doctor to show him. It allowed me to narrow down the issue and take that right to the doctor.
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For more information about BBT, check out my favorite site for charting —

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