7 Ways I Prepare for Pregnancy Before Trying to Conceive & Why I Have to Plan Ahead

It has been a long year of baby fever for me and it is not getting any easier. Well, that’s not true — because I have managed, in that one year, to get my husband on board with trying for baby #4 and we are now in the process of actively trying to add another member to our family.

If you have been following any of our story, you will know that while typically getting pregnant is not an issue for us, but staying pregnant is. We have a long history of heartache and health issues with pregnancy, but know in our hearts that we are missing someone in our family (& we’ve explored that it is not only the children we no longer have with us) and have decided to try to expand our happy family.

With all my health concerns when it comes to pregnancy we have to go the route of actively trying and not just let things happen. We have a list of things we have to have lined up to ensure a healthy start and a strong pregnancy.

Click through for the ways that we have to prepare before trying to conceive & our reasons for doing so:

  • Get ‘OK’ From Doctor 1 of 7
    Get 'OK' From Doctor
    Our first step before we start trying to conceive is to get all my doctors on board. This way they can get me on their patient list for when the test is positive and they help me with the prescriptions I need as soon as possible.
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  • Begin Taking Prenatals 2 of 7
    Begin Taking Prenatals
    Months before we decide to go for it I have to go on prenatal vitamins to make sure my minerals & vitamin levels are as best as they can be due to my celiac disease.
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  • Work on Getting Optimum Hydration 3 of 7
    Work on Getting Optimum Hydration
    When I am pregnant it is especially dangerous for me to get dehydrated due to my kidney issues. I am prone to developing stones, which can turn into kidney infections and/or premature labor. Getting my kidneys working as best as they can before pregnancy is best.
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  • Begin Low-Dose Aspirin Therapy 4 of 7
    Begin Low-Dose Aspirin Therapy
    Due to my diagnosis of Factor V Leiden, a clotting disorder, I have to start (or make sure I really do) my low-dose aspirin therapy. I take once a day and switch to the stronger Fragmin injections when actually pregnant.
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  • Set Up Thermometer & Fertility App 5 of 7
    Set Up Thermometer & Fertility App
    Months before we actively start trying to conceive I have to start basal body temping to find the pattern of ovulation, luteal phase and cycle length. It helps plan out the best days of fertility and when testing should be started. Seeing a clear pattern before we actively start trying is what we look for.
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  • Prescriptions for Injections & Supplements 6 of 7
    Prescriptions for Injections & Supplements
    Since I have to start taking anticoagulant injections as soon as I get my positive test, I have to have the prescription at home. This is to help combat any issues from Factor V Leiden which is a clotting disorder. I also have to have my progesterone supplement on hand to ensure my levels stay up during pregnancy.
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  • Stock Up On Pregnancy Tests 7 of 7
    Stock Up On Pregnancy Tests
    Since we have to know as soon as possible if I've gotten pregnant, we have to stock up on the tests. I typically begin testing (depending on the chart) at 12 days past ovulation.
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:: Do you have to / choose to pre-plan your pregnancies, as much as you can?::

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