7 Ways to Deal With The Negative Pregnancy Test Blues

Whether you’ve seen one negative test or have been faced with them month-after-month, when you’re trying to conceive, it’s never a happy sign.

Over the past 14 months of trying to expand our family, I have seen more than my fair share of negative tests. Each month when the signs lead me to believe I could be pregnant, I am met with only one line on the test. After a while it begins to wear on you and if you’re like me, you will begin to wonder if pregnancy will ever happen.

Like I said, even if you’ve only been faced with one month of disappointment, it’s just that — a disappointment.

Here are some ways you can help ease the pain of that single line and help you get over that negative test blues.

  • 7 Ways to Deal With The Negative Pregnancy Test Blues 1 of 8
    7 Ways to Deal With The Negative Pregnancy Test Blues

    It's not nice to see that negative test month after month and here are some ways to help you deal with the disappointment.

  • Talk to Your Doctor 2 of 8

    If it's been a few months and you're worried about still seeing negative pregnancy test, check in with your doctor. He may have some suggestions on what you can do to increase your chances or if you're already being treated for infertility, he may have some thoughts on your current treatment.

  • Exercise 3 of 8

    I always feel a little better after I exercise, must have something to do with the good things that are released into your body when you do. Even just getting out in the fresh air is a good mood-enhancer. 

  • Talk to a Good Friend 4 of 8

    You need to vent out your feelings and finding a friend -- who understands and won't belittle -- can help you let go of some of that negative stress. A safe place to share your fears, disappointment and vent is healthy and important. 

  • Write It Out 5 of 8

    I have gotten so much good out of sharing my story and writing out my feelings. Tt can be very therapeutic to hear that other's understand and are rooting for you. You don't have to do it in a public forum like a blog, but a personal journal will have the same benefits. 

  • Pamper Yourself 6 of 8

    If we're down, disappointed, sad and need a little extra loving, give that to yourself after a negative pregnancy test. Do whatever helps you relieve stress in other situations like a massage, epson salt bubble bath or a quiet moment alone. 

  • Allow Yourself to Feel It 7 of 8

    I really believe that the worst thing you can do for yourself is to ingore your ugly or painful emotions and try to move on before you really should. Yes, it's probably not the end of the world, but your feelings of sadness, stress, disappointment and worry are real and you deserve the space to feel them and work through them. 

  • Try to Stay Positive 8 of 8

    Trust me, I get how hard this is -- to stay positive that you will see your positive. It feels like it gets harder and harder as the months go on. Being positive, not accepting defeat if you're not ready to move on are good ways to help you re-focus your goals and cope with the disappointment of this month. 

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