7 Ways We’re Keeping Infertility From Destroying Our Marriage

7 Ways We're Keeping Infertility From Destroying Our MarriageInfertility is hard. It’s harder to deal with than I had ever expected.

It’s hard emotionally, it can be hard physically depending on whatever treatment plan you have, and it can also be hard on a relationship.

My husband and I have been a couple for 13 years and through that time, we have been through a lot together. We graduated high school, college, got married, lived together, had three children, lost 12 and even through all those experiences, dealing with infertility as a couple can take it’s toll on even the strongest marriage.

We acknowledge this and realize that even though we feel like we can get through anything together, we have to be present and keep our eyes open as to how it’s effecting our relationship.

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  • Encourage Each Other 1 of 7
    Encourage Each Other
    If I am having a particularly doubtful day, my husband keeps the spirits high for me. He's honest in what he's feeling, but will hold me when I need it.
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  • Connect 2 of 7
    We take time to connect with each other -- we laugh, we go on dates and we spend time together.
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  • Re-Evaluate Plans 3 of 7
    Re-Evaluate Plans
    We take time to re-evaluate our fertility plans. What we think we will be able to handle, what we're scared about.
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  • Talk a Lot 4 of 7
    Talk a Lot
    We spend a lot of time talking about it and not about it. Our feelings, our plans, and we talk outside of fertility as well.
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  • Intimacy Outside Fertility 5 of 7
    Intimacy Outside Fertility
    You can't be intimate only when you're in your fertile zone. It will kill any intimacy and puts way too much pressure on both of you.
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  • Go To Appointments Together 6 of 7
    Go To Appointments Together
    We're in this together so we do this together. Though we've discovered that the fertility issue is "mine" we don't treat it that way.
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  • Understanding 7 of 7
    There is a lot that goes on with infertility and a lot of emotions. We give each other space for these emotions, my husband understands the effect the fertility medications have on me and we do a lot of laughing together too.

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