7-Weeks Pregnant: My 9 Symptoms So Far

Seven weeks, three days in (but who’s counting?) and I’m happy to report that I feel pretty darn good! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this remains to be the case, and that the rest of my pregnancy goes smoothly and to term. Last Tuesday, we saw the heartbeats and tomorrow we get to hear them! I still have to schedule an appointment with my regular OB because I’ll only be with my fertility center for two more weeks. The biggest thing I’m dealing with right now is how to say goodbye to the incredible staff there, but that’s a different story…

Back to my point: It’s not like I haven’t noticed any pregnancy symptoms. It’s just that they have all been mild, which I am very grateful for because I am a wimp .

After the jump, check out the 9 symptoms I’ve experienced thus far in my pregnancy, and tell me what these first few weeks were like for you!

  • Popping, Cracking, and Creaking Joints 1 of 9
    I didn't even associate this with my pregnancy until my boss heard me mention that my hips and knees "pop and crack" whenever I stand up. He chimed in, "That happened to my wife during her whole pregnancy!" I hadn't ever even known this was a possible symptom of pregnancy, but lo and behold, it is! I'm a pretty "creaky" gal to begin with, so I hadn't thought too much about this until it started happening every time I stand or walk.
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  • Sciatic Pain 2 of 9
    This is pretty common for pregnant woman later in pregnancy, but I'm here to stand with the handful of women who complain about this early on. It's most painful after getting up from sleeping or reclining for any length of time, but I feel it throughout the day regardless of walking or sitting. I haven't spoken to my doctor about this yet, but my guess is that my retroverted uterus might have something to do with this.
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  • Tiredness 3 of 9
    I've never been much of a napper. I mean, sure, I enjoy a good nap every now and again, but napping is tough for me because it takes me a fairly long time to fall asleep. And after about 20 minutes go by, I feel guilty and get up to do stuff. But lately, I can conk out within minutes and sleep hard for roughly a half hour. This has become routine when I get home from work.
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  • Change in Bowel Movements 4 of 9
    I know, who wants to talk about poop? Well, I'd be lying if I left it out. I usually "go" three times a day, but over the last two weeks, that's been reduced to once maybe twice if I'm lucky. And I can't blame the prenatal vitamins either, since I've been taking them since April and this issue has only been around for about a week.
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  • Breast Changes 5 of 9
    Tender and GROWING boobs! Look, I've been barely an A-cup since junior high the time when I started and stopped growing boobs all in the same year. So you can imagine my surprise when I discovered in the shower the other day that my breasts were finally getting bigger! However, I couldn't long enjoy this discovery because wow they are tender.
    (Please note that the boobs pictured here are not mine, though I wish they were.)
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  • Very Mild Nausea, Indigestion, and Heartburn 6 of 9
    I've been dreading morning sickness, but so far, I'm doing OK. The few bouts of nausea that I have had took place in the evening of all times. And even then, it's been quite mild. I've also suffered from some mild heartburn and indigestion. I've realized that I need to eat small amounts and slowly throughout the day to stave off these issues, especially the nausea.
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  • Frequent Urination 7 of 9
    I blame the large quantity of water I've been drinking on this. Each day, I consume roughly 120 ounces of H20. I've always been a big water drinker, and this pregnancy has just added to that.
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  • Lightheadedness 8 of 9
    There's been a few times that I've gotten lightheaded upon standing up quickly from sitting or bending over. It doesn't last very long, but it's definitely happening.
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  • Crying at Random Times 9 of 9
    I'm not much of a crier. Sure, if it's a legitimately sad movie or book, I'll shed the tears. The Notebook and The Lovely Bones get me every time, without fail. But I've never been one of those to cry at moments that are really only slightly sad, like certain commercials or TV shows. I wasn't so surprised when an episode of Parenthood got me sobbing, but I was shocked when I found myself reaching for the tissue box during an episode of Sons of Anarchy.
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