8 Awkward Moments in the First Trimester

I am starting to round out the first trimester of this pregnancy, and while I still have a few weeks to go, the first trimester has gone by relatively fast.

There are many amazing things you experience during pregnancy — and a lot of them come later on when the baby is big enough to feel and there’s no longer any confusion as the belly is out and proud. The first trimester is usually not something the outside world can pick up on and yet, but your body loves to remind you of it every moment that it can get.

Along with these amazing moments, a lot of awkward moments have happened for me already in the first trimester.

Here are some other awkward things you may experience, too!

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    Pregnancy is not always pretty and there are some awkward things that can come about. Good thing we can all have a good chuckle about it, right?

  • Real Pants vs Maternity Pants 2 of 9

    There isn't a whole lot of uterus growth in the first trimester. Well, it does get a lot larger, but mostly it's still tucked behind your pelvic bone. The limbo you're stuck in when you're in the firs trimester leaves you with little to wear. Your regular pants are a bit too snug and it' hurts to button, yet the maternity pants are still too big. Time to get creative. 

  • Bloat or Baby? 3 of 9

    You're out at the school waiting to pick up your kid when someone comes up to you and asks how many months along you are. When you answer with "7 weeks" and the horror look shows up on their face, you've just been met with the "ready to pop" or "bloat" that's so commonly confused in the first trimester. I swear some days the bloat from this being my 4th child combined with the extra progesterone I am taking, I look like I am 5 months pregnant already. 

  • Everything’s Coming Up 4 of 9

    I have been battling some pretty big nausea and vomiting in this pregnancy and it's a common thing for women to have to manage in the first trimester. If you've got it bad, I have a feeling you have or will experience the awkward moment of vomiting in public while everyone looks at you. Bonus points if you have to ask the store to find a mop to clean it up. True story.

  • Sprint Time 5 of 9

    One of the joys of the first trimester is being hit with the symptoms all at once and trying to figure out what it is that's triggering them. For me, smells are always trouble when I am pregnant and until I figure out the exact smell that causes me to sprint for the door or the toilet, it can get comical. For me, the trigger is the coffee aisle at the grocery store. People must have thought I was insane as they watched me run with my bloat or baby belly out of the store. 

  • Bountiful 6 of 9

    I have been blessed with a decent chest and have never had to worry about filling out a top. When pregnant, it reaches embarrassing status when I wake up one morning and have nothing that fits past the girls. Big to begin with and a boost of help from the pregnancy hormones and I look like Dolly Parton. 

  • Catch My Wind? 7 of 9

    I am happy that this symptom isn't one that I have to battle with, but for so many pregnant women it is. The hormones mixed with some strange food cravings leaves you a little windier than usual and it's not always pretty. 

  • Give Me ALL.THE.THINGS 8 of 9

    There are a few days where my nausea and vomiting is well under-control and on those days, I am so hungry I could scream. Going to the restaurant or drive through and ordering all.the.things and then eating all.the.things quickly, can be a bit awkward while you get used to the crazy eyes from other people. Bonus points if they see you dipping your pickle slices in your milkshake. 

  • Err, Well, Um 9 of 9

    There are a lot of topics I am not particularly fond of talking about and one of them is bathroom habits. I find it crazy personal so having to talk about it in any capacity is awkward to me. Things happen that require help in that area when you're pregnant and you need a little extra help. Whether that be due to hemroids or constipation or, diarrhea, it's just an all-around awkward conversation to have -- with your partner or your doctor. 

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