8 Baby Products I Can’t Believe We Wasted Money On

When you are pregnant for the first time, it’s so exciting. You start planning the name you will give your babe, the way you will tell your family and friends the happy news and you start making a list of everything you need to get done before the baby arrives.

Top on the list is things that you will need, the so-called “essential products” that come with having a baby. I remember being so stressed as my due date came closer that I had to get everything ready, the perfect crib, the nursery, the toys — all of it had to be perfect.

Then the baby came, time passed and I had two more children and I realized just what I really needed and what products were a total waste of money. Yes, even many of the “essential” ones. Looking back they were just a waste of time, money and stress for products we didn’t actually need.

As my husband and I continue trying to conceive our fourth baby and plan all that we need to get ready, we’ve realized we don’t need to get anything and we don’t even have any of these “essential” products.

Click through to see the 8 “essential” baby products that were a total waste of money:

  • A Crib 1 of 8
    A Crib
    We bought a crib for our kids, nothing terribly fancy or anything, but the never slept in it. We ended up co-sleeping with our youngest and she moved right from our bed to a real bed at 3 years old.
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  • Wipe Warmers 2 of 8
    Wipe Warmers
    When I was first pregnant I had seen this product on a tv show and they talked about how this product is so purposeful. I got one... never used it.
    See what I'm talking about on: Amazon
  • A High Chair 3 of 8
    A High Chair
    They are huge, hard to clean and you can't store them anywhere when you no longer need it. We used one of the compact chairs for our kids and it worked perfectly.
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  • Infant Toys for Car Seat 4 of 8
    Infant Toys for Car Seat
    You see all the moms with them, the bright colored, busy-patterned toys strapped to the bucket seat of a kid who can't even hold their own head. They are expensive and never get played with.
    Photo credit: Tammra McCauley on Flickr
  • Baby Monitors 5 of 8
    Baby Monitors
    Now, if you have a HUGE house, I can see this being useful, but my kids rarely slept without me in sight so we never really needed them. I had one so my husband had a chance of hearing the baby cry, but I always seemed to hear the kids even without the monitors.
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  • Fancy Swaddle Blankets 6 of 8
    Fancy Swaddle Blankets
    They are expensive and work no better than the cheap receiving blankets. My thought, if your baby is kicking and squirming enough to break free from the receiving blanket, they don't want to be in it.
    Photo credit: Milo Riano on Flickr
  • Baby Shoes 7 of 8
    Baby Shoes
    They are just SO CUTE, so expensive and will get worn for a photo maybe once. They are hard to resist, but save your money.
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  • A Decorated Nursery 8 of 8
    A Decorated Nursery
    I did the whole decorated thing for my first child, not in their own room because I am a big believer in at least room sharing, but we had it all decorated. It's not something we will be doing again, it's work for no reason. We choose to save the decorating money for when the kid's older and wants their room to be to their taste.
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Photo credit:  tofslie on Flickr

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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