8 Big Ticket Items You Should Put on Your Baby Registry and Cross Your Fingers

When I was pregnant with baby #1, my relatives were over the moon with excitement. It seemed no expense was too big and they all wanted to help out as much as possible.

We were planning on putting smaller but necessary items on our registry— onesies, swaddles, bottles, etc. but decided to add the big ticket items as well.

We thought, if someone wants to shell out $500+ on a stroller, who were we to stop them? Less to spend for us.

By the time the baby was born (or actually about a week later since I am Jewish and tradition dictates not buying gifts until after the baby arrives), all the big ticket items had been crossed off the list. Except, our stroller. That one we had to pay for ourselves.

Below are 10 big ticket items you should put on your registry in the off chance that a really generous great aunt or second cousin rises to the occasion.

  • Infant Carseat & Stroller Attachment 1 of 8
    The infant carseat is the very first big ticket item you will need. You are not allowed to leave the hospital without it. We opted for the $80 Graco Snugride. I also recommend adding the $80 Graco Snap & Go.
    Purchase on Graco Baby for $79.99
  • Crib 2 of 8
    This was our biggest coup. Would you believe someone who owns a baby product website owed my stepdad some money and when he saw this $940 Oeuf crib on our registry, he figured out how we could get it for free?
    Purchse on Modern Nursery
  • Breast Pump 3 of 8
    You need to get a good quality breast pump if you plan to keep feeding your baby breast milk if and when you go back to work. The $300 Medella Pump in Style is the one I used and it kept my daughter fed for a full year.
    Found on Amazon
  • Baby Carrier 4 of 8
    I used a sling for the first few months but after that, my daughter lived in the Ergo. It's $135 but it's way comfier and more supportive than the other carriers I tried, including the Baby Bjorn.
    Found on Ergo Baby
  • Stroller 5 of 8
    Since, understandably, nobody shelled out $900 for the Bugaboo Chameleon, we ended up buying a slightly used version on Craig's List for $500.
    Found on Bugaboo
  • Pack ‘N Play 6 of 8
    The Graco newborn napper playard $160 is great for traveling. We still use ours and our daughter is 2 1/2.
    Found on Target
  • Bouncy Seat or Rocker 7 of 8
    The bouncer was a total and complete lifesaver for us. When my daughter was a newborn, she did almost half of her napping in there. This is a deluxe Fisher-Price bouncer for $70.
    Found on Toys 'R Us
  • High Chair 8 of 8
    You won't need a high chair for a few more months but those months fly by and better someone buys one for you now than you have to buy it later. We got the Svan high chair for $200.
    Found on Albee Baby

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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