8 Birth-Inspired Halloween Pumpkin Carvings

Birth Halloween Pumpkins There is something awesome about being pregnant when Halloween rolls around.  You can get creative with the costumes and you have a pretty good excuse to eat all the candy you want (kind of) and it is just a fun-filled time of the year.

One big part of Halloween of course is pumpkin carving.  I have seen some pretty ridiculously-awesome carvings, from realistic looking to just down right creative.  While searching for some ideas for our pumpkin carvings this year I came across some birth-inspired carvings.

Click through to see 8 birth-inspired pumpkin carvings perfect for your porch on Halloween…


  • Babe in Belly 1 of 8
    This pumpkin carving is gorgeous. The silhouette of the babe is pretty perfect and the glow gives you the impression of looking right in.
  • Giving Birth 2 of 8
    Oh the humor in this one - the pumpkin's birth face makes me laugh.
  • Photo Inspired 3 of 8
    This photo has been circulating around Facebook and someone used it as inspiration to create a unique pumpkin carving.
  • Pregnant Silhouette 4 of 8
    A unique side view of a pregnant mama with a baby ready to be born.
  • Scary Fetus 5 of 8
    This pumpkin brings in the Halloween theme with the babe in belly playing spooky.
  • Birth Gown Pumpkin 6 of 8
    The use of three pumpkins creates this awesome image.
  • Umbilical Cord 7 of 8
    Another pumpkin carved with a fetus attached to the umbilical cord.
  • C-Section Pumpkin 8 of 8
    Much like the birth gown pumpkin this one uses a few pumpkins and is definitely scary enough for Halloween.

::Which is your favorite?::

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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