8 Common Worries of the Couple Trying to Conceive

common fears when trying to conceive via Babble.comI am in my 5th month of trying to conceive a healthy pregnancy. I know in the long scheme of things it’s not a long time and certainly far shorter than some of you have been in this phase. For me, I am just so ready to be pregnant already and I can feel the strain of it all hitting me.

I sometimes find myself wishing this was all easier for me. I know things are always greener on the other side and realize there are people who have it harder than I do, but I don’t want to diminish my feelings by saying those things to myself. I am feeling a bit defeated. I wish I didn’t have to worry about miscarriage and could get pregnant with no worries. I wish we could just casually try without the need for meds and constant temperature taking and planning for fertility times.

Trying to conceive can be a stressful time — and not just for me, it’s quite common — all the worries. Trying to conceive is such a personal thing too, I mean who really goes around talking about their cervical mucus and sexy-time scheduling (I do!), so sometimes these worries many of us have¬†make us feel like we’re the only ones worrying… but I assure you, you’re not alone!

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  • His Fertility? 1 of 8
    His Fertility?
    Often when TTC, we worry about our cycle. If we are ovulating and at prime for baby. If it starts taking a bit, we start to worry about his fertility and how we will broach the subject with him.
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  • Off Timing? 2 of 8
    Off Timing?
    Conceiving a child may seem simple, but timing is everything. We start to worry if we're not hitting all the ideal fertility days.
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  • Not Ovulating? 3 of 8
    Not Ovulating?
    Pretty important to make a baby and one worry we may all stumble on. If you're not charting and just going by your cycles, it's not as easy to tell if you're actually ovulating. Worries about age may come into play as well since that has a huge impact on fertility and egg release.
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  • Really Ready? 4 of 8
    Really Ready?
    As it becomes closer and closer to the reality of pregnancy, it's common to worry about if you're really ready. It's a HUGE step and some worry is expected.
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  • Something Going Wrong 5 of 8
    Something Going Wrong
    Miscarriage is a common worry and can be even more prevalent for those who have experienced on before. It's a good idea to face these worries and talk about them so they don't become overly consuming.
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  • When Will it Happen 6 of 8
    When Will it Happen
    If it's taken longer than you'd hoped or expected, it can weigh heavily on you. Will it ever happen? Why is it taking so long? Is there something wrong? -- all common fears and worries. Talking to your doctor can help relieve some of the stresses of theses questions.
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  • Relationship Strain 7 of 8
    Relationship Strain
    Chore sex is not exactly sexy and it can be consuming to do month after month. Worrying about if your relationship will survive the strain of worry and scheduled intimacy is common. The best thing to do -- talk to your partner and keep that communication open!
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  • Fertility Issues 8 of 8
    Fertility Issues
    Beyond just ovulating, women often worry about other fertility issues they may have that is hindering their conception. Are you overweight? Underweight? Low hormones? Do you need meds? All of these thoughts can be quite normal if it's taking a while. Again, chatting with your doctor and keeping the talks open and flowing with your partner are key.
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