8 Fertility-Boosting Gemstones

Rose Quartz 1 of 8
Rose quartz is a translucent stone that is supposed to increase fertility, according to "The Crystal Bible," by Judy Hall. It is also credited with healing heartache and encouraging unconditional love.
Moonstone 2 of 8
White moonstone "personifies women's connection to the Goddess and the moon" and is good for regulating menstrual and fertility cycles, according to "Gem Stones A to Z" by Diane Stein.
Jade 3 of 8
Jade is a stone that can protect its wearer from harm and also aids in fertility and childbirth, according to "The Crystal Bible." It comes in a variety of colors, including green, brown, lavender, orange and red.
Aventurine 4 of 8
"Gem Stones A to Z" touts peach-colored aventurine as promoting "playful" sexuality and bringing joy to pregnancy, while "The Crystal Bible" cites green aventurine as useful for settling nausea as well as calming emotions.
Rhodonite 5 of 8
This pink or red stone not only stimulates fertility but also can help heal both physical and emotional wounds, according to "The Crystal Bible."
Flourite 6 of 8
Missing that spark you need to get into the mood before conceiving? Fluorite will help your libido make a comeback, according to "The Crystal Bible." The stone comes in blue, green, purple, brown, yellow and clear.
Carnelian 7 of 8
Like Zoisite, Carnelian may benefit both sexes. This red, orange, pink or brown stone is supposed to have a healing influence on female reproductive organs while also combating impotence.
Zoisite 8 of 8
This fertility-boosting stone could be good for both women and men: "The Crystal Bible" lists it as able to heal diseases affecting ovaries and testicles.
Article Posted 3 years Ago

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