8 Foods High In Folic Acid You Should Be Eating While Trying to Conceive

8 Foods High In Folic Acid You Should Be Eating While Trying to ConceiveI am again in that 2 week waiting period before I find out if I am pregnant. It’s been 6 months and I am not feeling hopeful for this one so I am sure this will not be our last trying to conceive update.

As I prepare for the moment when the pregnancy test shows me two lines, I am doing what I can to make sure I am healthy and ready to grow a baby. I have been working towards eating a good balance of nutrition and vitamins (and enough, I am terrible at not eating) and being especially diligent about making sure I am getting enough folic acid.

Folic acid is a naturally occurring B vitamin that is quite important to the health of a baby for preventing neural tube defects. Many believe you can start increasing your intake of the vitamin when you’re pregnant, but it’s better to start before pregnancy occurs — since neural tube defects usually develop in the first 28 days of pregnancy.

Click through to see 8 foods that are high in folic acid and should be added to your grocery list:

  • Sunflower Seeds 1 of 8
    Sunflower Seeds
    Sunflower seeds (and pumpkin seeds) are so delicious and the perfect for a busy mama-to-be. You can grab a handful while running out the door and there's no need to cook/prepare beforehand.
    Must try recipe: Sunflower Butter & Honey Rice Crispy Treats
    Source: Hello Magazine
    Photo credit: photostock
  • Avocado 2 of 8
    Avocados contain more folate per ounce than any other fruit making them a great choice. They are also the only fruit that contain monounsaturated fat, which helps protect against heart disease!
    Must try recipe: Avocado Salsa
    Source: Parenting
    Photo credit: photostock
  • Spinach 3 of 8
    High in folate and can be added to so many meals, spinach is a great source for the very important folate!
    Must try recipe: Spinach Tomato Pasta Treats
    Source: Self
    Photo credit: photostock
  • Squash 4 of 8
    Low in calories, versatile and delicious and of course, a great source of folate. There are many different kinds of squash so you're bound to find one you love
    Must try recipe: Roasted Squash Rings
    Source: Lifestrong
    Photo credit: photostock
  • Grapefruit 5 of 8
    One of my favorite things to eat for breakfast, grapefruit has a lot of health benefits including being rich in folic acid.
    Must try recipe: Grapefruit Smoothie
    Source: FitDay
    Photo credit: photostock
  • Asparagus 6 of 8
    It has the highest concentration over any other vegetable giving it the best 'bang for your buck' when it comes to folic acid.
    Must try recipe: Grilled Asparagus with Balsamic Reduction
    Source: Parenting Weekly
    Photo credit: photostock
  • Kidney Beans 7 of 8
    Kidney Beans
    Red kidney beans have a good source of folic acid plus the added benefit of being high in fiber -- another need for TTC and pregnancy.
    Must try recipe: Chili Bean Soup
    Source: WhFoods
    Photo credit: photostock
  • Corn 8 of 8
    You would probably not expect it, but corn is also a great source of folic acid. Who doesn't love corn on the cob?
    Must try recipe: Spicy Corn on the Cob with Lime Butter
    Source: How Stuff Works
    Photo credit: photostock

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