8 Funny Pregnancy Announcement Cards

This is how we shared the news when we were expecting with Triton

When we were expecting our first child we didn’t really do anything cute to announce it. With our second we had our first child (Big P) wear a t-shirt that read ‘Big Brother To Be’ and waited for our family to notice what was written across his onsie.

I didn’t even know that pregnancy announcement cards existed. To be honest (and I don’t know if I will get flack for this) we didn’t even send out the ‘baby is here’ cards.

While surfing the web during one of my nights of insomnia last week, I came across some pregnancy announcement cards that had me giggling.

Click through to see my vote for the 8 funniest pregnancy announcement cards:


  • Oh Sh*t! 1 of 8
    Oh Sh*t!
    Perhaps you didn't expect it either..
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  • Oops 2 of 8
    If you have a good sense of humor and your family and friends do to
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  • Congrats 3 of 8
    A congratulations on your pregnancy (or your ability to get pregnant)
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  • So … 4 of 8
    So ...
    A funny take on perhaps an unplanned pregnancy - or for someone with a good sense of humor
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  • Not Fat 5 of 8
    Not Fat
    You know, in case anyone was wondering. The first trimester - it can be difficult to distinguish at times.
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  • Save the Date 6 of 8
    Save the Date
    An interesting twist on the traditional safe the date cards for weddings. A safe our due date card.
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  • It’s Your Fault 7 of 8
    It's Your Fault
    A funny way to share with your partner that you are expecting.
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  • Game Over? 8 of 8
    Game Over?
    Gulp. Is it really that bad?
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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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