8 Gorgeous Pregnancy Journals

Recently while I was eating snack with my daughter the baby started kicking like crazy. I told her that this baby must really like grapes because he was going nuts! She smiled and sweetly asked, “What kind of snacks did I like when I was growing in your belly?”

Uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh. Hmph.

I was stumped. That was six years ago now and I only have one very vague memory of almost knocking my husband down to get to the chocolate chip cookies. But what else did I eat and love? I have no idea because I wasn’t smart or savvy enough to keep a journal while pregnant.

I’m sure at the time I thought–oh, I’ll just document everything once the baby gets here in her Baby Book. (Ha ha HA! Naive woman.) But now I know better. If I want to remember anything about this pregnancy I need to write it down right now, as it’s happening, instead of trying to remember later when those sweet pregnancy memories are replaced with spit-up and diapers.

Here are my top picks for pregnancy journals:

  • Take a Minute 1 of 9
    Take a moment from your busy day to write down some thoughts about how you're growing a whole human being in your body!
  • Rustic Wood Pregnancy Journal 2 of 9
    This is one of the most unique pregnancy journals I've seen! It had a hand-printed graphic and hand-stitched pages.
    Buy it now from KatDeco on Etsy for $50.
  • Gender Neutral Journal 3 of 9
    This owl pregnancy journal is adorable and breaks down your pregnancy by trimester and "Your Arrival" section.
    Buy it now from spunkandlove on Etsy for $29.
  • Pregnancy Journal for Girl Baby 4 of 9
    If you know you're having a girl, this gorgeous journal could be for you! I love the vintage paper and ornate details.
    Buy it now from BelladeLunaDesigns on Etsy for $12.
  • Pregnancy Journal for Boy Baby 5 of 9
    This cute journal is perfect for the mom-to-be who knows she is having a little boy!
    Buy it now from CarasScrapNStampArt on Etsy for $9.
  • Personalized Pregnancy Journal 6 of 9
    I like this journal because it can be personalized with your name and due date! Plus, I have a thing for polka dots. So cute!
    Buy it now from InvitingStyleDesigns on Etsy for $45.
  • Blank Pregnancy Journal 7 of 9
    If you are the type of person who wants blank pages so you can write what you want and not feel boxed in by topics, this gorgeous journal is for you!
    Buy it now from BaldiBearART on Etsy for $31.71.
  • Pregnancy Journal with Prompts 8 of 9
    If, however, you are like me and need some help coming up with inspiration, this journal has lots of easy writing prompts for you to complete each week, as well as space for ultrasound photos.
    Buy it now from on Amazon for $10.33.
  • Motherly Advice 9 of 9
    This journal would be wonderful to begin while pregnant and continue writing in as your baby grows up. This journal full of your thoughts and advice would make a wonderful graduation/wedding gift someday!
    Buy it now from JournalingJane on Etsy for $6.


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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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