8 Habits of An Infertile Who’s Trying to Conceive

8 Habits of an Infertile Trying to ConceiveIt’s been a strange month for me with all the holidays, the gatherings, and my feelings about still trying to expand our family.

I had no idea that a year later we would still be trying. Sure, no one plans for these things, but in the past I have never struggled to get pregnant and it’s hit me hard now that we’re at the one year mark.

Being diagnosed as “infertile,” and starting medication to get my body doing what it’s supposed to be doing, was not the highlight of this past year for me. I took some time last week to let myself feel those negative feelings about my infertility journey and I can now look at the new year with a more positive attitude.

Earlier this month, I finished my third round of Clomid and am happy to say I did finally ovulate! I am still not sure if we’ve gotten pregnant, but I am choosing to focus on the positive, which is that I ovulated.

Being someone who is battling infertility while trying to conceive can bring up some strange habits. If you’ve never battled infertility or if you really had to try to conceive, these habits may seem totally off-the-wall to you. If you are someone who has been trying to conceive or struggled with infertility, I am sure that I can’t be the only one who’s exhibited some odd behavior.

Check through my 8 (strange, but true) habits:

  • Down Immune System = Good 1 of 8
    Down Immune System = Good
    I have taken the fact that I've caught the flu as a good sign because surely that means my immune system is busy doing something else... like being pregnant. Right?
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  • Fluid Check 2 of 8
    Fluid Check
    Constant checking of cervical fluid during the cycle. Being unsure if that's wet or EWCM.
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  • Are They Bigger, Yet? 3 of 8
    Are They Bigger, Yet?
    With one of the big signs of pregnancy being sore and bigger breasts, it wouldn't be weird to see me checking to see if they're sore yet.
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  • My BBT Chart’s Crazy 4 of 8
    My BBT Chart's Crazy
    I have been known to look at my chart a few times during the day. it's not going to tell me anything different, but I still hope it does.
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  • No Will Power 5 of 8
    No Will Power
    I know that testing for pregnancy too early is not a good thing, yet as many infertile women who TTC do, I test anyway. Then get disappointed. Then vow I won't test again, then do anyway. It's also not uncommon to buy the test strips in bulk.
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  • Vitamins in Bulk 6 of 8
    Vitamins in Bulk
    It's taken a year so far and with pregnancy itself being nearly a year long, I have decided to buy folic acid and prenatal vitamins in bulk, I am sure I will use them up.
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  • Temperature Still Up? 7 of 8
    Temperature Still Up?
    The night temperature doesn't really tell much, yet I still find myself taking it a few times a night so see if it's dropped.
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  • Is That a Line? 8 of 8
    Is That a Line?
    If I do take a pregnancy test, I may find myself checking the strip in every possible light to see if there is a second line that I just can't see.
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