8 Things You Shouldn’t Say to a Woman After Birth

8 Insensitive Things You Shouldn't Say to a Woman After Birth
After the birth of my first child, I can be honest and say I was not really prepared for all the emotions that was going to come flooding in.

I was prepared for the love that we’re told happen, the possibility of depression, and the baby blues as hormones regulate. I was prepared for the soreness, the fatigue and, to some degree, the changes it would have on my body.

I wasn’t really prepared for how my emotions would play into how I reacted to some strange, potentially insensitive, comments. I am thankful that I didn’t get a lot — but the one I did hear has stuck with me since.

No one should ever be told insensitive things, but it can be especially hurtful after birth — especially so if you’re criticizing her choices, things that are out of her control, or her body.

Click through and read 8 things you shouldn’t say to a woman after a vaginal birth:

  • Did You Get the ‘Husband Stitch’? 1 of 8
    I had someone say this to me after the birth of my first child and I have to say -- it is one of the most insensitive things I've ever been told. The "husband stitch" an extra stitch that's placed -- or said as a joke -- to make things "tight for your husband". You don't need it and if you say this to a woman after birth, I have a feeling that may be the last time you guys talk.
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  • My Labor Was So Much Worse 2 of 8
    No one likes a "one-upper" and you gain nothing by trying to do so. You can share your story too if you are all talking about birth, but don't be that person.
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  • I Can’t Believe You Had Your Baby at the Hospital/Birth Center/ Home 3 of 8
    Unless it's said with a "I'm so proud of you" tone, just don't say it. It sounds judgy and the new mom made the best choice she could for her family. Not your business.
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  • I’m So Glad I Had a C-Section So I Didn’t Stretch Out 4 of 8
    Our bodies have been designed to birth babies and trying to make a woman feel less-than because she did, is not an okay thing to say. Instead, just leave that insensitive comment out of the conversation and stop worrying about the state of her vagina.
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  • You Had an Epidural?! I’d Never Do That! 5 of 8
    And equally as bad is the "you went 'all-natural'?! Are you crazy?!" Neither statement is your business and it's better for you to talk about how amazing she did or focus your attention on the gorgeous new baby.
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  • I Guess You Need to Do Your Kegals 6 of 8
    First: talking about any woman's lady muscle tone is not cool and it's especially insensitive after birth. She should be focused on getting to know her baby, letting her body heal and doesn't need to be stressing over that.
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  • See, I Told You a Birth Plan Was Pointless 7 of 8
    Well, hello there snotty and unsupportive comment! If your friend/family member decided to put together a birth plan yet it didn't go as planned, don't rub in in their face. Instead be there to listen if they need to talk about it and offer an ear, not judgement.
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  • You Look Terrible 8 of 8
    Well, never nice to say to anyone, but after going through labor and giving birth, the last thing a new mom needs to worry about is looking picture perfect for you. Tell her she's glowing, that she looks beautiful and that you're proud.
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