8 Iodine Rich Foods for Pregnancy

Just last week, news broke about the importance of iodine during pregnancy. At the heart of the research is this: Kids of mothers with iodine deficiency in early pregnancy scored an average of 6 points lower on verbal and reading IQ tests at age 8.

Naturally, this new info got me thinking about foods that are rich in iodine. And, truth be told, I discovered that I knew very little about any iodine-rich foods. Sure, I knew table salt is “fortified” with iodine, but no one wants to up their sodium intake during pregnancy (swollen feet are a concern of their own without adding to the problem).

So I did a little looking. And I discovered some super yummy foods that are actually great sources of iodine. These are just some of my favorites. Eat ’em up, ladies!

  1. Shrimp: 23% of Daily Value (DV) per 3 ounces
  2. Baked Potato: 40% DV per medium potato
  3. Turkey Breast: 23% DV per 3 ounces
  4. Strawberries: 140% DV per 1 cup
  5. Cheddar Cheese: up to 23 mcg per 1 ounce
  6. Cranberries: 400 mcg per 4 ounces
  7. Navy Beans: 21% DV per half cup
  8. Seaweed Salad: 3000% DV per 1/2 ounce

Don’t care for any of these? Be sure to check out the source links for even more options for iodine rich foods!

Sources: Health·Alicious·NesswebCTOR; and LIVESTRONG
Photos: iStockphoto


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