8 Must-Have Conversations Before Pregnancy

Becoming parents is a big, life changing event. Some people come across it ‘accidently’ and others plan for the ‘perfect time’ to have their child. We all have different ideas when it comes to raising our child and planning for our futures. Talking about key issues before your family is growing will help set you and your partner up for an easier transition into parenthood.

Click through to see 8 must-have important conversations before you become pregnant or before your baby is born:

  • Are we ready now? 1 of 8
    Are we ready now?
    So, you both know you want to have children but are you both on the same page as to when? Discussing if you are ready now or if you would like to have a few more years with just the two of you - or until you are more financially stable - is a very important discussion.

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  • How will we split the duties? 2 of 8
    How will we split the duties?
    Most of this will be worked out when the baby is here but discussing beforehand how you see the duties being split up is a good one to have. Will you split night time waking? Will he bring the baby to you and you breastfeed? Diaper duty?

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  • How will we feed the baby? 3 of 8
    How will we feed the baby?
    There are many methods and many factors when it comes to feeding the baby. Talking about it before will help set up for your ideal situation. Do you plan to breastfeed? Pump? Formula right for you? or combo feeding?

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  • Will we cosleep? 4 of 8
    Will we cosleep?
    Talking about the sleeping situations is important. Do you hope to bed-share? Do you have reservations about it? What about room-sharing? Parents-to-be may have different opinions on the conflicting advice.

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  • Should we bank/donate cord blood? 5 of 8
    Should we bank/donate cord blood?
    Have you thought about banking your child's cord blood? What about donating it? Though private banking can be expensive it might be an important decision for one of you.

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  • Will we circumcise if we have a boy? 6 of 8
    Will we circumcise if we have a boy?
    Are you very against the idea of removing the foreskin if you have a boy? Are you/your husband circumcised and you wish to have your son as well? Conflicting opinions on this subject is very important to discuss beforehand.

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  • Cloth or disposable? 7 of 8
    Cloth or disposable?
    Do you want to use cloth or disposable diapers? What are your partners opinions? Are one of you concerned with saving money or the environmental factors and the other one is not so much?

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  • Who will care for the baby? 8 of 8
    Who will care for the baby?
    Do you hope to be a stay at home parent but your partner wants you to work? Vise versa or are you on the same page? Talking about this before pregnancy can help determine when you are ready - financially or job stability-wise.

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