8% of Parents Suffer from Baby Name Regret

Naming this 4th baby has proven to be one of the most stressful parts of this pregnancy. And truth be told, it’s been this way for each of my three pregnancies.

I’ve decided, naming humans is hard.

I am so unbelievably picky when it comes to names. I mean sure, there are plenty of good names out there, and I always love the names my friends pick out for their kids. But when it comes down to deciding what my baby will be call the rest of his/her whole life, I become frozen carrying around that kind of responsibility.

Why can’t human babies be more like Cabbage Patch Kids? They came with a preassigned name from the patch. I never had to name my Cabbage Patch babies! It was fantastic! Then again, my Cabbage Patch Kid’s names were Garth and Darlene.

Recently, a study conducted by revealed that at least 8% of parents regret the name they chose for their child.

I totally understand where this 8% is coming from. For instance:

  • I have a friend who wishes she named her son something different than what she did. She claims her sons name is now way too trendy.
  • Growing up, my sister hated the way her name was spelled, and my mom admits to making a poor spelling decision.
  • Another friend wishes she wouldn’t have named her daughter the name she did, because nobody (and I mean nobody) pronounces it correctly.

I’ll admit it, with my son, his name wasn’t taken that seriously. I was so sure that he was actually a she; I spent hours, days, weeks, obsessing over what my girl name was going to be. Instead, my she was in fact a he, and his name is now Gage. A name I didn’t put too much thought into. Granted, I would never change his name, but if I had knew I was having a son, his name would probably be something else.

How about you? Do you fear regretting the name you ultimately decide on for your new baby? Or are you 100% in love with your choice?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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