The 8 Most Iconic Pregnancy Paintings

Alice Neel: Margaret Evans Pregnant, 1978

Bumps are everywhere. The newsstands, internet and grocery store checkout racks are bulging with bellies. We see so many images of pregnant women, you’d think we’d have exhausted the possibilities. But there is one old– some might argue, dead– medium where pregnancy looks incredibly fresh: Painting.

I was reminded of this when I recently re-watched Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut and noticed a massive reclining pregnant nude painting in Sidney Pollack’s character’s opulent New York apartment. This inspired me to look for some other good ones.

The painting to the left is by Alice Neel, one of my all time favorite artists. After the jump there are seven more paintings of pregnant women I absolutely love–one of them is actually a portrait of supermodel Kate Moss.

I hope this inspires you. How powerful and gorgeous are these women?

Gustav Klimt: Hope II, 1907
Lucian Freud: Naked Portrait, 2002 (Believe it or not, this is pregnant supermodel Kate Moss.)
Leonardo da Vinci, Mona Lisa, 1503-1519 (Some historians think the Mona Lisa was either pregnant or very recently pregnant.)
Paula 8 Months On Yellow by Christina Kubrick. (this is not the one from Eyes Wide Shut, but it's similar.)
Alice Neel: Pregnant Woman, 1971 (Can't get enough Alice Neel)
Jan van Eyck: The Arnolfini Wedding, 1434 (The bride who posed for this was not really pregnant, but made to look it as pregnancy was the ideal of beauty in the late Gothic era!)
Rebecca Odes: Pregnant Ceridwen, 2004 (I still get choked up looking at this.)
Article Posted 6 years Ago

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