8 Practical Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep During Pregnancy

Yawwwn! One of the things I forgot about pregnancy is how difficult it can be to sleep well and get a full-night’s rest. It’s weird because I am more tired than usual and you would think that would mean a sounder, longer sleep, but it’s not the case. I know I am not alone — everything from warding off those pesky symptoms to finding a comfortable position for your growing belly can be a challenge.

As I near the end of my second trimester (what?) and head into the super growth time of the third trimester, I know that sleep is likely to become even more sparse, but so far I have been able to find some tricks and changes that have been bettering the whole sleeping thing. I was lucky in that I started to show a lot later than my previous pregnancies so the whole comfort thing was not as complicated, but now there’s no doubt I have a giant soccer ball-belly and all the other fun things that come along with this stage of pregnancy.

Click through and read these practical tips on how to get a good night’s sleep during pregnancy:

  • 8 Practical Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep During Pregnancy 1 of 9

    Here are 8 tips that have made a big difference for me when it comes to getting a good night's sleep during pregnancy:

  • Buy a Good Body Pillow 2 of 9

    I got a body pillow earlier on, but as I grew I realized it wasn't the right one for pregnancy. You need something big that you can easily roll over with and once I got one, sleeping changed for the better. It's great to be able to prop my belly, head and hips on something and stay aligned -- especially since I'm naturally a tummy sleeper.

  • Exercise! 3 of 9

    I stopped for a while because the nausea and vomiting took over and while it's not gone away, I've noticed that when I am active (even just a 30 minute walk a day), I sleep so much better at night. Don't exercise too late in the day or it could have the opposite effect.

  • Lower Your Caffeine 4 of 9

    You're likely doing this already since you're pregnant, but try to limit when you have your tea and/or coffee so it's not too close to bedtime. I've noticed for me, if I don't, it makes my restless legs so much worse which means it's harder to sleep.

  • Take a Bath 5 of 9

    One of my favorite things to do that helps me sleep so much is taking a warm (not hot) bath with lavender epsom salts. It's like one of the most amazing, calming things for me and I do it each night. It calms my stress, eases the aches and pains, plus takes away those restless legs.

  • Use White Noise 6 of 9

    I am obsessed with my fan for white noise and can't sleep without it. I find it to be quite calming and eases me right to sleep.

  • Keep the Room Cool 7 of 9

    I joke that when I am pregnant my "oven" is always on and it makes sense since I seem to be the only one who's hot when everyone else seems chilled. For me to sleep though, and combat any pregnancy sweats, I like to keep the room cool. The best for me is a window open for that fresh air.

  • Don’t Eat Too Late 8 of 9

    Laying down while pregnant and experiencing heartburn and/or nausea and vomiting is not one of my favorite things. Add that to a stomach that's being pushed out of normal alignment and hormones that slow things down, that's a recipe for extra heartburn, nausea, and vomiting. I've noticed for me that if I stop eating at least 3 hours before bed, that eases all of those symptoms for me (plus my medication) and it's not going to keep me from sleeping.

  • Chat Out Your Stress 9 of 9

    Pregnancy and upcoming labor and birth and whole life changing can bring a lot of stresses to it. For me, this pregnancy has been stressful and with a labor and birth coming up in less than 3 months in a manner that I've not personally experienced, I have some added stress. I've found it so helpful to chat those stresses and fears out to my husband and/or friends and that way I tend to think of them less when I should be sleeping.

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