8 Pregnancy and Baby Related Questions That Are No One’s Business

From the minute a woman becomes pregnant people suddenly feel as if it’s within their rights to ask her and her husband incredibly personal questions. Family, friends, co-workers and even little old ladies at the mall will quiz parents-to-be about the choices they plan to make with their baby, and the “good” news is that these questions continue long after the baby is born. Having gone through this three times with my wife, I’ve heard it all. Here are eight pregnancy and baby related questions I think should be off limits. Do you agree?

Was the conception natural or did you use fertility treatments? 1 of 8
Gee, do I want you to picture me having sex with my spouse? Or wondering how much money we spent?
Did you have a vaginal birth or a c-section? 2 of 8
My wife hates this question because she always feels the need to explain the medical reason for why she had a c-section, but doesn’t want get into it with everyone.
You had a c-section? Was it medically necessary? 3 of 8
In my wife’s case it was medically necessary, but what if it were elective? All you’d accomplish by asking this question is to make the new parents feel bad. Don’t go there.
Did you have a drug-free delivery or did you get an epidural? 4 of 8
In my experience whenever this question is asked it’s really just an excuse for the asker to brag about their amazing epidural or drug-free birth experience. Thanks, but we didn’t ask.
Is your wife going to quit her job? 5 of 8
My wife found this question particularly annoying because no one asked me if I planned to quit my job. With our first child, I actually did quit my job. Did that make my wife less of a mom or me less of a man?
Breast or bottle? 6 of 8
All you need to know is that my child will be fed.
Are you circumcising your son? 7 of 8
Actually, I don’t think I’ll tell you what my son’s penis looks like, thank you very much.
Are you getting your tubes tied/getting a vasectomy? 8 of 8
Yikes! Ask this of someone who plans to have more kids and all you’re saying is, “I don’t think you can handle or need any more kids.” Best not to ask.
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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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