8 Unique Quirks of a First-Time Mom-to-Be

8 Quirks Unique to a First-Time Mom-to-be

It’s funny how vividly I can remember my first pregnancy. It was over 7 years ago and I can still remember the feeling when the pregnancy test turned positive — all of those emotions just flooding through my head.

Although I read a lot, I still had no idea what to expect and tended to believe in the scare-us-into-doing-nothing rules of pregnancy. It was stressful and when I became pregnant again, a lot of the rules that I had for myself were no longer a factor because I knew more about what to expect.

It’s fun talking to first-time pregnant mamas now, because a lot of their fears and quirks are so similar to what I experienced during my first pregnancy. I’ve noticed, though, that many of the quirks tend to disappear when they’re pregnant again and are no longer a first-time mama-to-be.

Check out these 8 quirks that are pretty much unique to first-time moms-to-be:

  • You Never Miss a Vitamin 1 of 8
    You Never Miss a Vitamin
    You have your prenatal vitamins and you take them every single day. You maybe have an alarm set just to make sure you don't forget those ever-important vitamins. Next time mamas to be likely wouldn't be as panicked over it -- they still take them, but missing one won't prompt a phone call to the doctor.
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  • You Worry About What You Eat 2 of 8
    You Worry About What You Eat
    There are so many what you can't eat during pregnancy rules that it can make your head spin. First time mamas will read up on every single one of them and freak if they forgot they maybe had to heat up the deli meat to be able to eat it. Next time mamas still worry, but realize it may not be as deadly as it all sounds.
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  • You Never Miss an Appointment 3 of 8
    You Never Miss an Appointment
    First time mama's will break their back and their schedule to make it to the appointments their OB set. Next time mamas are more relaxed about it and if they have to miss one, they don't sweat as much.
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  • You Spend Too Much 4 of 8
    You Spend Too Much
    You want to have all the things for your baby we're told to have. You stock up on the most expensive crib, stroller and baby gear. When you're a next time mom you realize all you needed was a sling... the other things rarely get used.
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  • You Shop Too Early 5 of 8
    You Shop Too Early
    You're so excited to wear the cute clothes that show off your bump so you go shopping early. What you may not realize is just how big you're going to get -- you have to spend more a few months later because you've outgrown it all. Next time mama's have a better idea on how big they're going to get.
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  • You Use Lotion Religiously 6 of 8
    You Use Lotion Religiously
    You're afraid of getting any stretch marks so you will slather that stuff on you every night -- obsessively. Next time pregnant mamas realize there's no hope. If you're going to get them, you're going to get them.
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  • You Take Offence 7 of 8
    You Take Offence
    ... to every single comment made. People can open their mouth before thinking when it comes to talking to pregnant women. Next time mamas already have their comebacks ready.
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  • You Need Multiple Reassurances 8 of 8
    You Need Multiple Reassurances
    You take a test, it's positive and you take another one to be sure. It doesn't end there though, with every cramp you take another just to make sure the line is as dark as before.
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