8 Resources For Pregnancy Info When It’s Too Late to Call Your Doctor

Best Resources For Pregnancy Info When It's Too Late to Call Your DoctorPregnancy bring with it a lot of questions and it can be a nerve-racking experience for many of us. With all the changes that happen we are all bound to have a lot of questions along the way.

A good indication of a great care provider is one who will take the time and answer any questions that come up. A doctor (or midwife) who treats your questions as important can make a big difference in your comfort level and is an important aspect of prenatal care.

There are times though that your doctor may be unavailable (like at 3 am) when an important question comes up. “Can I take this medication for a cold?” “Do other people have terrible gas while pregnant?” — no such thing as a silly question.

Good thing is that in this day and age there are other resources beyond just our doctor/midwife who can ease our minds and help us make things more clear.

Click through for 8 resources that are good to check when you can’t call your doctor:

  • Pharmacist 1 of 8
    If you have a question about medications while you are pregnant or what you can do to elevate symptoms of a cold or flu, the pharmacist is a great resource!
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  • Hospital 2 of 8
    If you're really concerned the hospital is a good source. If they have an on-call number or if you wanted to pop in, it's better safe than sorry.
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  • Being Pregnant 3 of 8
    Being Pregnant
    If you want to know if what you are experiencing is normal or if you're looking for someone's personal perspective there is no better resource than others living it too.
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  • March of Dimes 4 of 8
    March of Dimes
    March of Dimes has a great section on pregnancy and complications. Signs and symptoms to watch for if you're concerned about preterm labor can be valuable.
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  • Mother of All Pregnancy Books 5 of 8
    Mother of All Pregnancy Books
    My favorite pregnancy book and a huge resource of information, this book covers so much from from birth to labor. It also includes a large resource section at the back.
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  • Mother Risk 6 of 8
    Mother Risk
    Information about pregnancy concerns including morning sickness, chemicals and drugs can all be found on this site. There are hotlines you can call if you're within the areas to speak to registered nurses. Also includes links and information on the latest research.
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  • Safe Fetus 7 of 8
    Safe Fetus
    Another great resource for information on which drugs are safe during pregnancy including their classification list.
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  • What to Expect 8 of 8
    What to Expect
    From the popular book to online, this site has a lot of articles and information available to answer a large question base.
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