8 Signs You’re Entering (Or Already In) Your Fertile Period

I am now on to month #3 of trying to conceive babe #4 and we are entering that ‘fun’ part of the month. I have been charting for almost a year since removing my birth control and I know with the calendar date and other signs that I am about to enter the fertile period of the month. I will be spending a lot of extra time with my husband this next week in hopes that this month will be the one for us.

If you’re trying to conceive, watching for signs that you are your most fertile is something you should be looking for. It will help your chances in conceiving and can help pinpoint any issues that may be hindering your conception.

Click through to see the 8 signs you may be entering (or already in) your fertile period:

  • You’re Told 1 of 8
    You're Told
    Taking an ovulation predictor kit can help you pinpoint when you are at your most fertile time of the month.
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  • Softened 2 of 8
    Checking your cervix can give you signs that your body is ready to ovulate. During your fertile period, your cervix will feel soft.
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  • Preparing The Area 3 of 8
    Preparing The Area
    Your body is hard-wired to conceive and will throw signs your way. Your cervical mucus will change from dry/sticky to watery and/or an egg-white consistency.
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  • You See It Drop 4 of 8
    You See It Drop
    If you've been doing basal body temperaturing, your temperature will drop on the day of ovulation. It's best to catch it before it happens to increase your chances.
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  • You’ve Been Keeping Track 5 of 8
    You've Been Keeping Track
    If you've been keeping track of your cycles and have been consistent, you may know based on the calendar date.
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  • Open and Ready 6 of 8
    Open and Ready
    Your cervix will also prepare for ovulation and conception by opening slightly.
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  • You Feel It 7 of 8
    You Feel It
    Some women get slightly crampy before ovulation and you may even feel a slight pain on one side on the day before or day of ovulation as your egg is released.
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  • You’re So Interested 8 of 8
    You're So Interested
    If you find yourself a lot more interested in hanging out with your partner, that's a big sign. Your sex drive increases when you're about to ovulate.
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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