8 Things I Am Doing to Increase My Chances of Conceiving

8 Things I Am Doing to Try to Increase My Chances of Conceiving You would think the whole idea of getting pregnant would be easy, but when you really look at the whole process, it’s quite complicated.

While there are some couples who seem to have very little trouble having sperm meet egg, there are some who may have it take longer than hoped (like me). I try to stay positive though and believe that by being active about the process — in terms of what I can do to help increase our odds, and I think it can have a big impact.

If you’re trying to conceive or thinking about it in the near future, I thought I would share some of the ways we are actively trying to help increase or odds from month to month. There are some points that are pretty obvious and some you may not realize could have a big impact on your overall fertility.

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  • Create a Sperm-Friendly Environment 1 of 8
    Create a Sperm-Friendly Environment
    Who knew I would be so worried about the "environment," but it's a big factor for fertility. I always make sure we use sperm-friendly lube to help our chances.
    Check out the sperm friendly lubrications you can use.
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  • Get Lots of Rest 2 of 8
    Get Lots of Rest
    Sleep -- it really does a body good. If I don't get enough, I may not realize it but my body will. I try to make sure I get enough sleep and that's its actually good sleep too.
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  • Keep Track of Fertile Zone 3 of 8
    Keep Track of Fertile Zone
    My fertile zone is weird lately because I am not sure if I really am right now, but I try to increase my chances by using the basal body temperatures and cervical signs.
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  • Eat Regularly 4 of 8
    Eat Regularly
    We know it's important to eat well for fertility, but for me its also important to eat regularly. I am so bad at making sure I eat so I have been trying to eat every 2-3 hours.
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  • Take My Vitamins & Meds 5 of 8
    Take My Vitamins & Meds
    I make sure I take my prenatal vitamin (yes, even before I am pregnant) and other meds I am prescribed by my doctor (like my mini-aspirin). They will help ensure I am ready for conception.
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  • Have Fun Regularly 6 of 8
    Have Fun Regularly
    It's important that we don't make this whole baby-making thing a chore so we do what we can to keep the spark alive always.
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  • Exercise Regularly 7 of 8
    Exercise Regularly
    Getting the blood flowing and the metabolism going is good and the stress relief I get from the workout is good too.
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  • Stay Hydrated 8 of 8
    Stay Hydrated
    Water is a super vital thing for your body. Making sure I am well hydrated will help prepare my body for all things conception and will help keep my energy up for the whole process of making the babe..hee hee.
    Read more about why it is important to stay hydrated, especially during pregnancy!
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