8 Things I Wasn’t Expecting to Experience in the Second Trimester

We always hear that when our babies are very little, time seems to speed up. For me, the same can be applied to pregnancy — it seems to go by so quick. I know for others they feel like they’re pregnant forever, and with some of the symptoms I experience, days can feel pretty long. However, the fact that I am nearing the third trimester already is crazy to me.

Since this is my 4th child, I have been through all the trimesters of pregnancy before and have come to know what to expect. My pregnancies with my older three children were all relatively similar. I had the same aches and pains, similar weight gain, feelings, and so on. When I became pregnant this time, I had expected that there would be no surprises — I am “seasoned” after all.

Well, it’s not been that way really. I have been surprised with how different this second trimester has been from my other pregnancies — some in good ways and others in not-that-wonderful ways . I know that it’s often said that each woman and each pregnancy is different, but truth be told, I wasn’t expecting to experience these in my second trimester:

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    I have been pregnant many times and the second trimester is not new to me, but these experiences in this trimester are new for me. 

  • Fatigue 2 of 9

    I wasn't that tired in the first trimester where most woman feel like they need extra sleep. I was surprised since I had to give up coffee too. When the second trimester hit, I expected the same since in the past I had gotten the "honeymoon" energy-boost phase. This time, I am dead tired in the second trimester, far more tired than I had ever expected.

  • Nesting Began 3 of 9

    I had experienced nesting in my previous pregnancies, usually in the third trimester. This time around, I am experiencing it in the second trimester. Not only that, but it's a weird nesting that I've never done. I don't have the urge to get everything ready for the baby (I don't even have clothes for him), but I want to make sure I have winter clothes for my older kids + getting done things in the house I've been putting off (like getting an upgraded dishwasher).

  • Nausea and Vomiting 4 of 9

    I have had morning sickness (all-day really) for each of my pregnancies, but this one takes the cake as far as its powerfulness in the second trimester. For my first two children, I was sick up until about the 20th week, and for my third I was sick until the day after delivery. This time around, at 25 weeks I am still experiencing nausea and vomiting daily (a few times) while on the maximum dose of oral anti-nausea medication. It's a lot rougher than I had experienced in the past.

  • Still Wearing Regular Clothes 5 of 9

    For my past pregnancies, I was in full-on maternity clothes from like 11 weeks on. There was no way I could button up my pants or look decent in regular clothes. I had no expectations of this pregnancy being any different. I am almost done with the second trimester at 25 weeks and still wear my non-maternity pants comfortably and buttoned up.

  • Heartburn 6 of 9

    I have never experienced heartburn before other than one time for like 20 minutes as a high schooler. I've certainly never experienced it in any pregnancy, but this time -- whoa -- ouch -- ew. It's not fun.

  • No Cravings 7 of 9

    I have always had weird and steady cravings during pregnancy. I was excited to find out what that would be this time around but I've really had none during this second trimester. In the past, this trimester would mean the strongest cravings, but not this time around.

  • Food Aversions 8 of 9

    I never liked the smell, look, or taste of chicken in my other three full-term pregnancies and anticipated some aversions to it this time around, but it usually went away before the second trimester. This time, I was so not expecting my second trimester to bring with it even more food aversions -- to all meat. I am eating only vegetarian (and often vegan) meals and that's only when I actually have an appetite, which brings me to another thing I was expecting, but haven't experienced yet (that "OMG I NEED TO EAT" hunger)

  • So Many Appointments 9 of 9

    We all know that the third trimester usually brings with it a lot more prenatal and other appointments. You tend to go about once a week as your due date nears. I am experiencing that in the second trimester instead of just the third which I wasn't expecting. I have three appointments this week alone for pregnancy.

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