8 Things I Wish I had Done Differently in my Last Month of Pregnancy

I’m still here, still enormously pregnant. My due date has come and gone and the baby has not. This mystifies me, mostly because I was assured I would be having an April baby, but also because the last month has been, unquestionably, the longest month of my life. Honestly, how I am only 2 days overdue is a completely mystery to me because it feels like I’m about 2 months overdue. And yet.

I imagined that finishing my clinical and being on maternity leave would be this glorious time of relaxation and rest for a few weeks before the baby arrived, but now that I’ve been on leave for a month and the baby still isn’t here, I’m realizing that this month could’ve been so much more than I’ve made of it. It’s not that I haven’t enjoyed it, but I think I set myself up for the restlessness and disappointment of an overdue baby.

And I’m going to suggest that you learn from me. These are the 8 things I’d do differently if I could re-do my last month of pregnancy:

  • Take a Few Days Off 1 of 8
    Take a Few Days Off
    After finishing 14 weeks of intense and physical work, I think that I needed a few days of nothing but rest. Lots of sleeping and sitting. I don't regret those first few days at all, but I probably would've capped the sloth routine at maybe a week.
  • Planned Outings with Friends 2 of 8
    Planned Outings with Friends
    Once on maternity leave, I just sort of wiped my calendar. I was afraid to plan anything because you just never know when the baby is going to be here and since everyone expected him to be early, I just figured I should be ready. And I was, and now I'm late and I've wasted a month of time I could've been spending with friends. (Yes, that's really my calendar and the only item on there that isn't my husband's work schedule is my graduation ... which I'm no longer attending.)
  • Read More 3 of 8
    Read More
    I've had several parenting books on my shelf that I was planning to read and somehow, they just never got read. I don't really have a great excuse for this, but instead of reading, I got lost in cooking shows, which while awesome, didn't help prepare me for parenthood at all, unless parenthood is all about finding a way to make an appetizer, entree, and dessert from a mystery basket. In which case, I am ALL SET. I even wish I had done more reading for pleasure, just to try to give myself a little more mental stimulation.
  • Exercise 4 of 8
    In the past 2 weeks we've started walking more, but I went from a very physical job to ... nothing. I have spent endless hours on the couch, and now I feel terribly deconditioned. I'm trying to make an effort to get up and out every day now — get in exercise and spend less time sitting — but now I'm fighting against a massive belly and increased fatigue. If I had it to do over again, I'd have tried not to let myself get this weak and lazy.
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  • More Family Time 5 of 8
    More Family Time
    My husband and I have picked up our together time a bit this past week, and it has been so very nice. I wish I had taken more advantage of his light work schedule this past month and had also found ways to spend more time with my sister who is an hour away. There's no real excuse except the combination of laziness and clearing my schedule for the baby.
  • Worry Less 6 of 8
    Worry Less
    This one is not so easy to control, but things have gotten less scary in the past week and the mental reprieve has been nice. I wish I could've not sweated all the small stuff quite so much, and I think that not sitting around and fretting all day might have helped. More activities and less access to Google searches probably would've saved me some serious mental anguish.
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  • Eat Better 7 of 8
    Eat Better
    This one is a major regret. I haven't gained a ton of weight, but I have just not been eating well. I need to get back to the grocery store and reintegrate non-fried vegetables into my diet. We've tried to steer clear of fast food, but what we have eaten has been far from nutritious. I'm hoping a trip to the grocery store tomorrow can get us back on the right track, or at least get us a little more stocked up for once the baby is here.
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  • More 8 of 8
    While watching the Food Network is arguably a "me" activity, I mean more things out of the house. I love shopping, even looking, and yet I haven't gone to a shopping complex in months. I love movies, but never went to see any. I'm not going to have as much me time pretty soon, and I wish I had done more with it instead of creating a butt print on my couch.
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If there was anything you could do differently in late pregnancy, what would it be?


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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