8 Things You Can Do While Pregnant to Make Breastfeeding Easier

I’ve been pregnant many times before and have given birth and nursed three children. From these experiences I’ve learned planning ahead for breastfeeding can go a long way! I still have eight weeks left of this pregnancy, so you may be asking, “Why am I already thinking about breastfeeding?” But I believe the better we set ourselves up for the postpartum period, the greater the chance of meeting our goals. For me, that means doing just what I did with my youngest child:  breastfeeding for as long as possible until he self-weans. I’d like to follow the “no bottle” rule and be the primary feeder of this baby, and make the experience positive for the both of us. I know it’s possible because I did it before — but I also know how difficult those first few weeks postpartum are, especially setting up that breastfeeding relationship between mom and baby.

This time around, meeting these goals is really important to me because this birth will be different from my previous three. (I’m having a planned C-section this time rather than a planned early induction.)

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  • Preparing for Breastfeeding While Still Pregnant 1 of 9

    It's never too early to set postpartum goals. Here are 8 things I'm doing while pregnant to make breastfeeding easier later!

  • Stock up on All the Essentials 2 of 9

    I make sure that before I bring the baby home I have the items at home that will make it easier for me postpartum. Those items include nipple cream, lots of water, a bassinet in the room, breast pads, and clothes that make breastfeeding easier.

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  • Keep Formula Out of Reach 3 of 9

    I am always so tempted when I first bring baby home and my milk has just come in (hello, pain!) to use formula. I know that's not the best decision for me, so I've made sure not to have any in the house. If it's here, I will be far too tempted to use it.

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  • Be Realistic — and Kind to Yourself 4 of 9

    I have to remind myself how difficult the first few weeks are postpartum, and remind myself to be kind to myself during that time. I don't want to have any illusions that it's going to be easy — because it's not. 

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  • Read Up 5 of 9

    Because this will be my first time breastfeeding after a C-section, I've been reading about how that may change things at first, and reading up on tips for what I can expect and how I can prepare. I think of it as a replacement for birthing class!

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  • Express My Goals to Others 6 of 9

    I know those first few weeks I will be curing the breastfeeding, and I am okay with that. I have been talking a lot to my husband about my goals and how I need his support through it. This way, I will have someone else to encourage me through those hard times because he knows how important it is for me.

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  • Exchange Advice with Other Moms 7 of 9

    Yes, I can read all I want, but a lot of valuable information comes from talking to other people who have experienced this first-hand: what it's like to breastfeed after C-section and how to manage that task plus everything else I have to do. I have been having great conversations about this. If you have any tips to share please do so in the comments!

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  • Room-Sharing 8 of 9

    I am a big believer in room sharing and bed sharing, and I believe that having both can be the foundation for a successful breastfeeding relationship. As we purchase new sleeping items for the baby, we have that in mind and have a bedside bassinet as well as a safe in-bed bassinet. We have no separate room nursery to prepare, so we're getting our room more infant friendly again.

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  • Plan Ahead for the Holidays 9 of 9

    My baby will be here not too soon before the December holidays, so things are going to get busy. Actually, I will likely get home from the hospital after the 3-4 day stay for a C-section the day after my son's 8th birthday, and then we fall right into all the holiday celebrations. My husband and I have talked a lot about this, and we've decided that in order for us to bond as a family, help facilitate a strong breastfeeding relationship, and heal — we will be limiting visitors and travel even through the holiday. This will allow me time to just hang at home and make breastfeeding a little easier while we're still learning.

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:: What steps did you take to set yourself up to meet your breastfeeding goals while still pregnant? Share in the comments! ::

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