8 Things That Are (Almost) Better Than Sex During Pregnancy

There are a lot of things about pregnancy that are less than fun. Heartburn, exhaustion, and bacne all come to mind. Especially in the final weeks, the whole endeavor can feel awkward and ungainly and decidedly unsexy. You might find yourself questioning your own sanity for ever thinking this was a good idea and answering your partner’s innocent query about whether they can do anything for you by shrieking, “You can get this baby out of me! Can you do that?”

But there are also a lot of things about pregnancy that are kind of awesome. I’m sitting here right now having one of the best hair days of my life because it’s so thick and shiny that I look like a pregnant shampoo model. And my skin is glowing! Glowing, I say! Essentially, from the neck up, I’m Heidi Klum. It’s amazing. I could gaze at my head in the mirror all day and hum “I Feel Pretty.”

My pretty, pretty hair aside (and it is sooooo pretty), there are a few other parts of pregnancy that put an extra little twinkle in my eye and give me extreme pleasure. I’ve found through both my pregnancies that certain sensations become more intense,  so much so that one could say they’re actually better than sex! (Though that’s pretty great while pregnant, too.)

Here are a few things about pregnancy that I find extremely pleasurable:

  • Naps 1 of 8
    The tiredness of pregnancy is its own special category of tired. Whether it's that drained feeling of the first trimester or the heavy physical exhaustion of the last, the desire for rest is omnipresent. I've found that naps are the most delicious treat while I'm pregnant. I especially love the feeling of dozing off mid-afternoon while I let my son veg out to Handy Manny. Bliss!
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  • How delicious food tastes 2 of 8
    How delicious food tastes
    If you're not battling nausea, eating is a truly sublime pleasure during pregnancy. I'm not sure what chemical process is happening that makes my taste buds into virtual erogenous zones, but it's happened in both my pregnancies. All food tastes glorious, but for some reason peaches are like the nectar of the gods. I want one just thinking about it!
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  • Bonding with other women 3 of 8
    Bonding with other women
    You have a whole new universe of girlfriends when you're pregnant. Other moms know how you're feeling just from looking at you and can boost your whole day just by giving you a smile and a kind word. The best part is that you don't lose that feeling of sisterhood when pregnancy ends. There will always be another mom to have your back when your kid is bawling in line at the grocery store or having a poop blowout at Starbucks. Moms unite!
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  • Farting 4 of 8
    Yeah. I said it. Farting. Gas in pregnancy is a given and it can be sooooo uncomfortable. But when that bubble in your belly finally pops, it's like a party in your … well, you know.
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  • Checking items off the to-do list 5 of 8
    Checking items off the to-do list
    If you're a little obsessive about getting things done in regular life, you'll be become positively driven in pregnancy. I've become a steel-belted, task-accomplishing machine this pregnancy, determined to finish every project on my list with Martha Stewart-esque precision. Nursery decoration? Check! House cleaning? Check! Setting up three childcare contingency plans in case of labor? Check! Each check makes me want to do a dance of joy and shout my accomplishments to the skies!
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  • Sex 6 of 8
    When could sex be better than... um, sex? When it's in the second trimester. Tell your partner to strap in for an exciting ride because all systems are a GO! Am I right?
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  • Great hair 7 of 8
    Great hair
    I know I already talked about this, but it bears repeating. Because your hair stops shedding in pregnancy, you'll probably have the thickest, shiniest mane you've ever had. Hairstyling options you thought would require a celebrity stylist and a truckload of extensions are now totally within your reach. And it grows so fast that before you know it, you've got locks like Rapunzel tumbling about your shoulders. Revel in the moment because, well, it's not here to stay.
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  • Vivid dreams 8 of 8
    Vivid dreams
    Pregnancy causes me to have dreams that are as clear as a movie, and I've heard lots of other women say the same. OK, this can be a mixed blessing if you're prone to upsetting dreams and find yourself awakening in a cold sweat after dreaming of a baby with horns or something. I've always had entertaining pregnancy dreams that tend to involve situations like riding in a convertible with Brad Pitt and George Clooney or romantic encounters with my husband.
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