8 Things to Do During Pregnancy So You Don’t Feel Bad Later That You Didn’t

8 Things to Do During Pregnancy So You Don't Feel Bad That You Didn'tThere are times where I wish I could go back and give my past pregnant self some bits of advice. Some of it could have changed my life path, others could have just make things a little bit simpler, but it would certainly be a cool thing to be able to do.

It’s funny because you can read advice from other people and hear the advice from professionals, but when you experience it yourself it just seems more real. Then you begin to realize that the advice you heard would have been handy if you believed.

Since going back in time is not possible, I suppose the next best thing is to learn from my “what-if’s” and “if only’s” and put those in to effect the next time I am lucky to be pregnant.

Have a look at 8 things you should do during your pregnancy so you don’t feel bad later that you didn’t:¬†

  • Write Love Notes to Your Baby 1 of 8
    Write Love Notes to Your Baby
    You will love to read them later and so will your child. You can write weekly, monthly or even just one note. It will be fun to read back later how you were feeling, what your fears were and how your life was about to change. You won't remember things forever so these are great to have when you want to reminisce.
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  • Get a Professional Bra Fitting 2 of 8
    Get a Professional Bra Fitting
    You will need to get a few as your breasts change during pregnancy and after birth, but it will make a huge difference! A proper fitting bra can help back pain and you'll be happy you took good care of the girls later.
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  • Take Measurement of Growth 3 of 8
    Take Measurement of Growth
    Take it as often as you want and write it down because later, even if you have pictures, you won't believe how much you grew.
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  • Write Down Your Cravings 4 of 8
    Write Down Your Cravings
    When your kids are older they will want to know more about your pregnancies and things. You will want to remember the answers to the fun questions they may ask like what you craved, so make it easier on yourself to remember and write it all down.
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  • Take Belly Photos 5 of 8
    Take Belly Photos
    No matter how "huge" or "big" or "enormous" you feel, you will want to have those photos to look back on later.
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  • Take a Picture of Your Pregnancy Test 6 of 8
    Take a Picture of Your Pregnancy Test
    If you're someone who likes to keep mementos of your pregnancies (which I think you should), make sure you take a photo of your pregnancy test. You can keep the test too, but chances are the result window will fade and become hard to read. Having a picture of it -- you'll be able to always read.
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  • Get a Good Quality Pair of Jeans 7 of 8
    Get a Good Quality Pair of Jeans
    I know that maternity clothes can be expensive, but some things are worth the money. Invest in a good-quality grow-with-you-type of maternity jeans because it will help in the long run. You will want to wear them often and getting one great pair, you'll save money having to buy more and more as you grow (and they break). Super-excellent if you think you'll have more than one pregnancy.
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  • Exercise a Few Times a Week 8 of 8
    Exercise a Few Times a Week
    You probably don't have to do it every day, but even some exercise you will be happy that you did later. It can help keep off some of the extra weight gain, will help you "bounce back: quicker after birth and can even help make labor go more smoothly for you.
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