8 Things You Should Do Before You Get Pregnant

If you are planning on trying to conceive now or in the near future, doing some pre-planning can help set you and your pregnancy up for the best start possible. While I understand not all pregnancies are planned, if you are in the position of trying to conceive, taking a few steps before you see the two pink lines is one of the best things you can do for your soon-to-be-pregnant self.

Since my husband and I decided to start trying for baby #4, I am doing all I can to increase fertility and increase our chances for a healthier pregnancy.

Click through for 8 things you should do before you get pregnant:

  • Quit Smoking / Reduce Alcohol & Caffeine 1 of 8
    Quit Smoking / Reduce Alcohol & Caffeine
    Curb and/or kick your bad habits before pregnancy. It's better in the long run for you, your baby and your overall health. It will also help increase your chances of conceiving.
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  • Work Toward Getting to Your Ideal Weight 2 of 8
    Work Toward Getting to Your Ideal Weight
    Whether you have 10 pounds to gain to help increase your fertility or 10 pounds to lose, it's best to do before you're pregnant.
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  • Reduce Stresses 3 of 8
    Reduce Stresses
    Stress can hinder fertility and well, it's not fun to deal with. Work towards reducing any stress in your life whether that be from work, finances or other.
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  • Start Prenatal Vitamins 4 of 8
    Start Prenatal Vitamins
    Prenatal vitamins are important during pregnancy and it's best to start taking before you become pregnant. Folic acid is one of the bigger ones, so at least take that.
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  • Start Exercise Routine 5 of 8
    Start Exercise Routine
    You will be thankful you exercised during pregnancy, so get started before. It reduces stress, gets you closer to ideal weight and it's overall healthy.
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  • Go On Vacation 6 of 8
    Go On Vacation
    Have yourself a little me time or some time with your partner. Have fun and enjoy it!
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  • Book a Pre-Conception Appointment 7 of 8
    Book a Pre-Conception Appointment
    Make an appointment with your doctor to chat about what you should do before pregnancy. Have a check up and make sure you're overall healthy before you start growing another human.
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  • Go Off Birth Control 8 of 8
    Go Off Birth Control
    Seems obvious, but make sure you are off your birth control before you get pregnant.
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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