8 Things Your Partner Should Do Before You Get Pregnant

Pregnancy seems to hold a lot more weight for us. We’re the ones who have to take the pregnancy test, watch our body grow, fight the symptoms and cravings and aches and pains — and you know, give birth.

While it’s true that it’s best for us if we have certain things in order before we get pregnant, there are some things that your partner should take into consideration too before the test turns positive.

From his health concerns, diet and fun things to do, there are 8 things that your partner should get in order while you are both trying to conceive.

Click through for 8 things your partner should do before you get pregnant:

  • Add Anti-Oxidants To Their Diet 1 of 8
    Add Anti-Oxidants To Their Diet
    Antioxidants are great for boosting your partner's fertility. The vitamins and minerals from vegetables and fruit will help increase overall health
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  • Go On Vacation 2 of 8
    Go On Vacation
    Take some time and help reduce stress by going on vacation. Encourage him to take that trip he's always wanted to take, but hasn't taken the time yet.
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  • Reduce Caffeine & Alcohol 3 of 8
    Reduce Caffeine & Alcohol
    Both caffeine and alcohol can decrease his fertility. He doesn't need to get rid of the all together, but moderation is key.
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  • Get Familiar With The Camera 4 of 8
    Get Familiar With The Camera
    Both you and him are going to want to take a lot of photos and video. The sooner he becomes familiar with his camera, the better the memories will be captured.
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  • Quit Smoking 5 of 8
    Quit Smoking
    His smoking habits are just as bad for his fertility and for when you become pregnant. Encourage him to kick his smoking habit -- the sooner the better.
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  • Start an Exercise Routine 6 of 8
    Start an Exercise Routine
    To increase both your chances of conceiving, his fitness will play a part. Not only will it help decrease stresses but it will give him the energy he needs for trying to conceive, pregnancy and when the baby is born.
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  • Book a Physical 7 of 8
    Book a Physical
    His overall health matters too. Booking a physical with his doctor will help flag any issues that may hinder fertility or any risks for the baby's future too.
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  • Start Saving 8 of 8
    Start Saving
    Starting a savings fund is a good way to reduce any stresses and save for the future. Getting the finances in order or on the way there, before pregnancy can increase the happiness in your relationship and set you up for a great start.
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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