8 Tips for Beating Pregnancy Fatigue

:: Yawn:: Oh, hey there, can you tell I am a bit tired? I forgot how much the first trimester of pregnancy can totally wear you out and I am feeling the pregnancy fatigue!

According to WebMD, pregnancy fatigue is a pretty common symptom. Your first instinct to combat the exhaustion may be to add in an extra cup or two of coffee to your day, but since it’s recommended that you limit the caffeine intake, I am not sure that’s the way to go.

I am very early in my second trimester and I am hoping this pregnancy fatigue will ease off soon. It’s been quite the interesting battle and very different from my last pregnancies. I was not working when I was pregnant with my other children and if I felt like I needed a nap at 3 PM in the afternoon, I could take one. Now I have a heavy work-load and I have to leave the house daily to pick up one or two of my kids from school. It’s been interesting and really, I am looking forward to some much-needed energy especially since the kids are off school for the summer.

While pregnancy fatigue seems to be a common symptom of pregnancy, I didn’t want to spend the first 14+ weeks barely able to keep my eyes open. I have found that a few things help increase my energy levels without having to increase my caffeine intake.

Here are 8 ways that I try to beat pregnancy fatigue:

  • 8 Ways I Try To Beat Pregnancy Fatigue 1 of 9
    pregnancy fatigue

    It's a common symptom, but it doesn't have to plague your day. Here are 8 ways I try to beat pregnancy fatigue.

  • Go To Bed a Little Earlier 2 of 9

    I used to stay up late so I could work more when the kids have gone to bed. Now, I make sure I am in bed by 10 PM and usually asleep by 11 PM. This has been a conscious choice and it's make a big difference to make sleep a larger priority. 

  • Wake Up a Bit Later 3 of 9

    My husband took over the wake-the-kids-up-for-school duties in the morning and because of that, I get to sleep in for about an hour extra each day. Again, making sleep a priority and trying to get at least 9-10 hours of sleep at night makes a big difference. 

  • I Put My Feet Up When I Can 4 of 9

    There is a time of day where I am just dying for a nap, instead I close down my work, put my feet up and take a small 20 minute snooze. 

  • Drink a Lot of Water Throughout the Day 5 of 9

    If I am even a little bit dehydrated, I seem to have more intense fatigue symptoms. I try to make sure I get enough water throughout the day, and on super tired days, I drink electrolyte balanced drinks. 

  • Exercise Daily 6 of 9

    It sounds like it might be counterproductive, to expel energy when I have so little of it, but it works. Even just taking a 20 minute walk in the afternoon (before I put my feet up), can really bring some extra energy. 

  • Eat a Lot of Fresh Fruits 7 of 9

    Fresh fruits is a love-craving for me and I think it's because I get so much energy from the lovely fruit. I like to eat a lot of water-infused fruits (watermelon is my favorite) and the natural sugar really helps. 

  • Take My Prenatal Vitamin Daily 8 of 9

    Taking my prenatal vitamin helps keep my energy levels up because it makes sure I've got the right balance of vitamins and minerals (important ones like iron) all which help me combat the sleepiness. 

  • Realize It Will Not Last Forever 9 of 9

    There are some days where I don't know how I will manage being this tired throughout pregnancy. I take a moment to remind myself that this super-fatigue won't last forever. 

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